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  • I wish camera sellers would start developing cameras that utilized some computational photography like phones. Imagine the processing of an iPhone on a FF sensor and proper lens.
  • I would agree with motion blur if my RX100 didn’t work on the same shots so flawlessly.
  • But shooting waist level makes aiming with the focus point virtually impossible. With my RX100, I just point the camera around and it just seems to focus on the right things. But it’s a 1” sensor, ...
  • I really like the Fuji handling: Zone focus mode is great and with the switch on the front, you can change from the three AF modes easily. As you change focus, the screen displays the current ...
  • I like zone focusing and it’s very easy with a prime lens on a Fuji body (it displays the zone distance range based on aperture setting). My Z5 doesn’t do that as well.
  • I agree, single auto focus is actually pretty good, but what I’m shooting at waist level at people walking toward me as I’m walking toward them, I don’t get many keepers.
  • I’ll try wide-L. Maybe that’’lol give the processor less work and more speed. Are you doing that in continuous AF?
  • Actually tried both of those lenses, even up to F11.
  • Thanks. I’m absolutely love the images that come from the Z5, but the AF issues are a dealbreaker. If my tiny RX100 VII that’s, what, 4 years old can simply focus on walking subjects without ...
  • Thanks. Problem is, that’s a little difficult when shooting from the hip.
  • Created discussion thread Z5 C-AF auto-area
    I shoot lots of street, often at waist level, letting the area C-AF do the work. This weekend, I tried it on my Z5 and had lots of misses. Looked down at my screen and the little red boxes seemed ...
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    Indeed. It’s all a constant trade off.
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    Problem with the 12-100 is I believe it’s similar to my 12-45 and so far, this 40-150 produces the pictures I like the most since buying my MFT kit a month ago. Also, the 12-100 seems pretty large ...
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    I like those! I’m the weird guy who takes my $300 Nikon 40 F2 over my 50 1.8 (just about optically perfect) because I like the classic rendering. I’m wondering if one of the 14-42 Oly lenses would ...
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    I know rendering is very subjective. I typically like the older, more basic lenses. Call me crazy.
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    Yes, it’s the current one, the R.
  • Created discussion thread Oly 40-150
    Grabbed this lens for $150. Does anyone else think this lens renders beautifully? I’m sure it’s not the sharpest, blah, blah, but I don’t care because I love the pictures I just took. I like its ...
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    I think sensor size has more impact than the amount of pixels. My Z5 only has 4 more MP but the images are far better in every way. My Z50 has the same MP but the sensor is 80% bigger, so the ...
  • Good phones can get close. I shoot in ProRaw and it’s real close to MFT. Take that same shot with a FF camera and see the phone seem like a toy.
  • Bought an OM5 and some lenses a month ago and really like it. Prefer it over my Fuji gear, although the Fuji IQ is a bit better. My Nikon FF has noticeably better IQ but much bigger/heavier. My ...
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