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think they missed the LX7 too, it's the only fast 24mm and the only wiith RX100 to be able to choose shutter speed even under 1/30 to film in low light, it also focus faster than g15 or p7700,
I tried RX100 and video at 28mm cropped in 16/9 doesn't let you angle to film indoor, and for me using it was'nt a pleasure, except the Megapixels
I think LX7 is better but less compact the only thing I can complain about.

But really I can't make a choice in the actual market offer, even Panasonic LF1 will have a 28mm, same features than LX7 in a compact body the dream could comes true one day,
left S110, but really canon is sleeping, there's 50% more features on pana or sony than canon today, also chdk is not ported for S110....

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joao salvador: Good review but bottom line is: if you have a Lx3 or Lx5 the upgrade is not worth it. For me, the lack of a wideangle converter as available to Lx3 or 5 makes the slight advantage in max. aperture and sharpness of the Lx7 irrelevant. And forgive me but the Rx-100 is on another level of quality.

I had LX5 and tried both for 2 weeks LX7 and RX100,
Rx100 is not so far from LX7, the only real difference is to be able to crop and shout in low light with better IQ, BUT only at wide angle (and only 28mm) because at telephoto in low light there is no more real difference; after 2 weeks I naturally took the RX100 when I went out, but it was for his size and IQ, LX7 have a lot to offer, responsive, ND filter, handling,'s the best 1/1.7 I ever test.

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