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Lives in Canada ON, Canada
Works as a Chemistry/Biology Teacher
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marcio_napoli: Let's face it people, we play with small format because the big guns cost 40.000 bucks.

If one of those were only 6k or 7k (possible, if it were mass produced like 35mm cameras are), then ha!!! Canon / Nikon would be crushed, I mean, among enthusiasts too.

Besides action and fast AF, DMF reigns supreme on IQ.

Someone said weight? Hmm... then grow some biceps.

And this camera is really not that heavier than a FF DSLR. If you carry your D810 around, you can easily carry a Hasselblad.

If only someone made a medium format DSLR for like $7000 that would be a dream.... Wake up its 2014 and you dreams have come true:


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InTheMist: Hydration?

Mindshift gear has a hydration pocket - that's critical. There is no way I'm walking an hour or two with just water bottles stuffed in pockets.

I usually take an emergency overnight set when I go far off the beaten path, even if I have no plans to stay overnight. I've had far too many close calls, so this could be for me.

I'm really tending towards Mindshift, though.

Check it out a little closer. Every one of the f-stop mountain packs has dedicated space for a hydration system.


I have an f-stop Loka and it is so much more versatile, thoughtfully designed and better constructed than any other photo pack I have ever seen. You do pay more for this premium product though.

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Images of poor/sick children from developing countries does not = art!!
I find this kind of photography disgusting. People from the from the 1st world show up with a camera in hand that cost the same as feeding a family for a year. They snap a few photos with the aperture wide open of the children clamoring around them trying to beg some money to feed their family. Then they head back to the air conditioned hotel to have some fine wine and a hearty meal. Back at their heated, clean, safe home they convert them to black and white and viola “ART”. Finally the photographer tries to pass of this activity as helping by raising awareness of the problem. When it actually does nothing to address the predicament and may even be part of the problem.
The fact that this type of image wins contests time and time again with ineffectual pity for the subject needs to stop.

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Bob Howland: OK Sigma, where is the 200-500 f/4? The 120-300 isn't long enough, the 300-800 is too slow and the 200-500 is too expensive and heavy.

ABSOLUTLY a 200-500 f4 OS is what I have always wished for from Sigma. I would even take a 160-400 f4 OS (still 2.5x zoom) to undercut the Canon/Nikon 200-400 f4s. I just hope they do not increase the price much (or at all).

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