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Honestly, it doesn't matter how many focus points are missing from the Z6, this thing has huge potential with the amount of lens available for videographers.

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I just want to know how many hardcore nikon dslr user will now do a 180 and claim mirrorless is the future and not a niche

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I just want to know how many hardcore nikon dslr user will now for a 180 and claim mirrorless is the future and not a niche

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That's great news! Hopefully other competitors will innovate and take this spot. It's a win win for consumers!

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For the consumers who dealt with this for the last 3 years, including myself. This is too little too late. No feedback or acknowledgements. Too many times that I've told myself, it's about the next innovation. The next integration will correct the problem with better and more robust design. This is Apple, not some Samsung hardware.

Oh, have the times have changed with Apples quality department. The only innovative ideas coming from Cupertino is how to get consumers to keep paying for lackluster hardware. I've moved on from the Apple Ecosystem and I will not be looking back. And it feels great!

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noyo: For me, even the best EVFs are poor substitutes for OVFs, which offer the only true 'live view'.

EVFs still suffer from too much latency, plus the 'live view' mechanisms need to close the shutter and re-open to make the exposure. This all adds up to being too slow.

Of course there is the option to use multi-frames per second but that is different to the art of capturing the decisive moment.

It seems to me that the clamour for mirrorless is purely a misguided 'trend' which may win in the end but could make life difficult for people who would prefer to have OVFs by making them harder or more costly to obtain as they get pushed out of fashion.

Either you're not as informed as you tend to think you are. Or, you're set to prove to yourself and anyone else that your opinion is the only valid statement without merit.

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BigEnso: I'm wondering if they are actually Hong Kongers or mainland Chinese (PRCs as my ethnic Chinese friends call them). My friends are all betting they are PRCs.

I think mainland for sure. HK just isn't as conservative as mainland.

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This type of wedding photography was more common back in the days of film. My parents have a really old wedding album with the same concept and setup. Modern wedding photography in Hong Kong are viewed as "westernized" or too suggestive. Certain families require a more conservative format such as this. Furthermore, modern wedding photography do not celebrate respect, commitment, integration of living families, ancestors and future legacy.

The price for a traditional conservative wedding album is astronomical less than modern wedding photographers. Post production is limited as well. It's what they requested and paid for, quick photos, quick turnaround time, and bare minimum equipment and disruption.

There seems to be lack of understanding of the culture by social media. Trolling complaints and critiques really show their age.

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In a perfect world, I would have a Fuji metal build, Canon color reproduction, Zeiss pop, and an M43 size lens.

However, we don't live in a perfect world thus a plastic 16mm f1.4 will be just enough. Bokeh anyone?

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photomedium: The whole set looks mushy and compressed. Typical m4/3 at ultrawide angle. I don't even think it's the lens per se but the quality seems only nominally better than cell phones, to my eyes. Can someone at DPR please take both apsc an m43 versions out there and take the same shot?

16mm M43 is an Ultra wide? I don't know if I can take you seriously...

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No harm done. Relaxed everyone. In the eyes of every Apple fanboy/fangirl...

"you get a $29 battery replacement and you'll get a $29 battery replacement...Everyone gets a $29 battery replacement!!!"

~Oprah Winfrey

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HeyItsJoel: god d***** M*****f*****!!!!!

I was doing fine and have already forgotten about the DL18-50 until you brought it all back up again! Thanks DPReview!

... and F*** Y** Nikon!

My exact comments

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Stigg: i found this laughable. the dubious attempt to dramatize something that is already intensely dramatic produces results both mediocre and laughable.

a hollywood CGI color caste, gothic choirs and orchestral stabs, sudden accelerations and freezes, and an intentional video game feel combine to make this far less educational or entertaining than a 50 year old cartoon about the same subject.

Triggered because you couldn't do it?

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That portrait of the female subject is so sharp that you could see the contact lens color texture. Great shot Mr Butler.

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Apple is aware of consumer demands. So instead of designing a better and more powerful MBP they go ahead and create a lackluster water down hardware and charge you more. The biggest insult is saying they will reduce the price on their peripherals because they have no intentions on changing their ways. USB is not legacy, SD is not legacy, ethernet us not legacy. Apple removes a hardware feature and charges more for a laptop and then adds peripherals on top. At the end of the day, the consumer is paying more for having less as a standard. Makes complete sense doesn't it. SMH.

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Apple is one of the best companies when it comes to nickel and diming their consumers. Apple fanboys will just go with it as they always have like mindless zombies. It's time to move on to bigger and better things

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