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Joesiv: While it's pretty, I'm not sure what this has to do with Digital Photography.


I also wonder if they're parafocal... Seems too compact really...

Cinema lenses have to be parfocal, no?

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BW18: Have a Canon and I love it (5D). Someday when I have the $$ I will get a second body. I am a photographer. It is frustrating to hear that all the camera manufactures are adding video. Perhaps there is a need for some, but give me a break! While reading this article it sounded great until "…it's clear that Canon has had movie shooter in mind." If I want to shoot movies I will use a movie camera! Thoughts anyone?

People thinking that it would save money to skip video show a severe lack of reasoning - the firmware already has video support thanks to every other camera, and the most that might ever be on a camera button-wise that's dedicated to video is a switch from camera to movie mode. A whopping $0.20 worth of plastic, and maybe $1 or so worth of electronics to handle the signal.

There's no way it would be a large enough drop to make it worth dropping support. Not to mention it would cost Canon *more* to keep two manufacturing processes for the two different bodies, just to *remove* a feature.

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