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  • could you not have configured it so the touch focus only worked on the side (presumably right) your nose doesn't touch (presumably left). You can do that.
  • Replied in no adaptor foot
    The 'Starter Pack' available in some territories includes a 'free' EF adaptor, but doesn't include the tripod foot. Discussed extensively in the past when people got their deliveries. e.g. ...
  • You might want to check out the Camera Store's M5 rewiew as they use a Sigma 150-600mm C extensively in it
  • Only when they feel the M market is sufficiently big enough.
  • Its not an M thing, its a Canon thing. The number of firmware updates to improve functionality on Canon cameras is very small...
  • I think it is probably a case by case basis. My Sigma 150-600m and 105mm macro work flawlessly on my M5 What we might find - and perhaps what Sigma Japan is saying - is that if a Sigma lens has ...
  • see
  • Firmware update? What is that? Something Canon doesn't really do unfortunately. They occasionally fix bugs, but that's about it.  The original M AF improvement for example was a rarity, not the norm. ...
  • I set the aperture first in AV. Then switched to HDR BC. I was using my 50mm f1.8  so the aperture I selected of f2 was used.
  • When I select HDR it uses the aperture I set. So if I selected f2, it uses f2 and shows the resulting picture as being f2. When I select Handheld Night Scene it defaults to f5.6 and you cannot ...
  • Seriously? You need to chill. dont worry, I won't be arguing with you again on this point. You are now on the ignore list
  • There was an interview somewhere in which Canon said it.  Can't lay my hands on it though. But the physical evidence is clear.  e.g. Powershot product Numbers.  Magic Lantern saying it is a ...
  • If someone has a total of £499 put aside to purchase a lens, then whether a £1700 lens is "professional, fully weather sealed OEM lens" or not is irrelevant. That's all the point I am making.
  • The price of the M5 is illogical. But the same could be said of the A6500, E-M1 II, or X-T2. The M5 is a lesser camera than the 80D, ought to be cheaper to make, and yet they launched at similar ...
  • It's not "like", it's simple fact. After the M and M2, responsibility for the M line was passed to the Powershot team, and hence the M3/5/10 are now Powershot based, and not EOS.  They now have ...
  • And when the camera goes to sleep, everything goes to sleep. What else would you expect? But whilst it is awake, whilst you are composing your shot, in-between shots that are less than 45s apart, ...
  • So you agree the Sigma is less than half price, but dismiss that as somehow irrelevant.
  • Replied in IS is always On.
    Of course IS is not on if the camera is not on.  What else would you expect? But whilst the camera is on, IS is on.  Which is what everyone means, and you well know... Everyone knows that on a ...
  • Replied in My Sigmas are OK
    My Sigma 150-600mm OS and 105mm OS macro work fine on the M5. They suffer from the IS being "always on" which makes them a bit noisy in operation, but so do all lenses.
  • I don't think it is totally "pointless" £499 vs £1726 is quite a big "point" in fact :-)  (UK lens prices)
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