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Will B Milner: I'm pretty gobsmacked that I even managed to get in the book, let alone having won something (Stuff like that, just doesn't usually happen to me). If you want to see a higher quality version of my image check it out on flickr - https://flic.kr/p/CrGPbd

good job

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Congratulations to Reginald, nice work

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On article Readers' Showcase: Scott Matthews (44 comments in total)

Congratulations to the photographer. My takeaway is there's a lot of patience behind getting these shots just so.

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noncho: I have the old Meyer-Gorlitz Trioplan 100 2.8 and it's interesting, but I would not buy expensive new one. Here are some examples with mine - http://www.nonchoiliev.com/blog/2314

Nice stuff

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Bogus, I live in Brussels (not Belgian though) and Molenbeek is part of the city.
A run down not nice part of the city, hardly 'suburban' – more downtown ghetto stuff.
There are 16 mayors in this messed up place and St. J Molenbeek is nowhere near 45 minutes from the city (maybe if you have a limp and go there by walking, maybe)The greater city has 16 'Communes' of which St J Molenbeek is one. It's like saying a pic is not of London because it was taken outside the 'city of London', in Westminster or Knotting Hill or whatever.
And Charleroi, well, being described as 'nice' – never heard that one before. It's the kind of place you are glad to leave.
Cue the self-delusional 'that's a shocking thing to say' B types.

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On article French student creates SLR using 3D printer (156 comments in total)

Just in terms of materials I wonder how much it would cost to print something like that?
I mean when you already have the design.

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It seems there is demand for that aesthetic in Japan (they have their own little ways over there you know), so they are selling to the consumer what he (she?) wants.
Better them than me on this one though...

Just for the record, for the right price (I got mine CHEAP, with lens), the K-01 is a great little camera however, especially for people with a collection of k-mount lenses.
And that 40mm lens is good. As to this colour scheme, well, I will guard my peace.

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On photo My favorite! in the IKEA item (Not Logo) challenge (1 comment in total)

How did you light it? (I like, congratulations)

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On photo Stairwell at High Falls in the Decaying Buildings challenge (1 comment in total)

Just so you know, this was my personal favourite, the play of verticals and textures really captivates me, offset by the white of the staircase – all really works. For me it is an image that has that certain something and you've made art her. Of course these things vary with personal taste, but I've come back several times to look at it some more – sincerely

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