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Nick Brundle - Photography: Does this mean Canon are still the best even after the 6D mkII?

Okay, but the DSLR are past, the future are mirrorless, the future is Sony,

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ttran88: Sony>Canon>Nikon!!

My world is looking to the future and the future is Sony;

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Paul B Jones: Really not sure what the big deal is here - mirrorless cameras can do anything just as well if not better than a DSLR ... except for wildlife, or sports, or photography in inclement weather ... or in rugged field conditions ... or anything involving telephoto work or long battery life ... or that requires long hours of looking through a VF. But otherwise - just as good or almost so. Well there is also the issue of having a full range of lenses that aren't crippled by clunky adapters.

For now. Wait for the next chapter ...
You saw the Leica SL?

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Terapixel: A9 =A7II+superfastspeed AF on the whole frame plus 15 FPS ?

The ultimate FF mirrorless for sure. But I promise .... expensive !

But what a dream camera that would be.

Why if A7II can use all "kickass" lens from Nikon and Canon too.

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Known Member: I really don't like incremental upgrades like this camera. I will be waiting for A9 which is coming out in Feb 2015!

Really??? A 1st FF and mirrorless with image stabilization on sensor of world and you said incremental? Ok, then.

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On article Photokina 2014: Sony stand report (77 comments in total)

Nobody asked directly to Sony about the A-Mount ????

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