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Jones Indiana: Unfortunately the whole X-Series start to show its age.

Yes we have X-T4 - it is not a bad camera - but it is the lenses that are starting to lack.

8 years down the road and still no specialty lenses, still no lenses for birders or wildlife photography. Yes I know there is the 100-400. But its slow and with the extenders attached to it many i ages look either soft or are a little oof.

To me at least it looks Fujifilm is going the Olympus route and we all know how that story is ending.

It’s called prioritizing.
Saying Fuji is going the Olympus route shows you haven’t a clue.
Now go jone your Indiana, weirdo.

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Jozef M: This is bad, and very spooky. So you can let the President say what you want, and place it on the internet, ... nobody can see if it's fake or not. Very scary!

Are you talking about Trump?
Just say his name, it’s good for his voters here (yes they are here) to see the critics. It might even help wake people up from their madness, you never know....

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GT2RS: Another American industry figure fall down and bought by China. The sign is obvious showing. Time for America and the world to wake up and make the change to be competitive before China take over everything including America.

Last times I said something like that here my posts where moderated.....
But maybe that was because I also noted that has China big human rights and environmental problems. But,... let capitalism prevail!

Interesting, i was playing with my 2006(?) el cheapo Panasonic FZ3 recently ,...made in Japan it said.

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Camera Conspiracies: Flippy screen and I'm in.

Flippy screen and I am out

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De Fotoman: Nice!
Video conferencing via a 1970’s manual lens. Will be trying that.

Turns out the most fun are manual lenses!

Fuji lens get stuck in some AF mode. Aperture can not be set. Nothing can be set, only zoom works. Whould have loved some acros, exposure comp etc.

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El Jeffe: Does this pass audio from the camera too?


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Video conferencing via a 1970’s manual lens. Will be trying that.

Link | Posted on May 27, 2020 at 20:47 UTC as 17th comment | 3 replies

I wonder where musk will pay his taxes? Is that money going to spread just as equally as his internet or will it flow through some small tax paradise....

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A lot more interesting articles lately, wich seem to be more about photography and less about the latest and greatest. Nice.

Link | Posted on Apr 13, 2020 at 07:32 UTC as 11th comment

Glad I have an xt3 so I don't have to make a choice now. Would like ibis, would have some trouble with the flippo screen.

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Augmented sky.....Silicon breast’s... Microwave meals
Are we not here because we enjoy the skills, techniques and technologies involved with photography?
Or is the picture all that matter how you got there, fake or not.

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Let met tell you about my experiences with a brand new Hero7 Black. Chances are that they won't differ much from the 8.

It is very unstable and unreliable. I can not count the number of times it would just freeze; while recording, while adjusting settings, during playbay. Only option: Remove battery. It heats up like nothing else. Just the other day i only had in powered on, and after 5 minutes it was pretty warm from doing nothing. Also after those 5 minutes i already lost 8% of battery useage.
Yes firmdate is up to date. No i was not using wifi.

Image quality is pretty good, as is stabilisation. But apart from that, i strongly advise you to look elsewhere.

Oh, and the software is limited and un-userfriendly also. It's clear the they designed very limitid userflows in it. Besides that it is not intuitive.

Strange that on Youtube almost everybody is so positive. I wonder what on earth could be going on.....

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Another useless instax camera.
Come on fuji... Make one where you can really influence exposure and focus, for instax wide, and I'll pre-order immediately.

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bufo vulgaris: The LEGO of today is crap. It kills the creativity of children. In the beginning LEGO was about the building blocks: - You bought a set of general pieces and then it was up to You to build something with it. The only real limitation was Your own imagination. You could do anything.

Then they started to focus on developed finished models: A car, a rocket or something like that. And the creativity was gone. Instead of following his imagination the kid is now following instructions for how to build exactly the rocket shown on the box..

When my children were small they had much more fun when they were building something themselves, instead blindly following instructions.

(To be fair, It is still possible to by sets of general building blocks, but my guess is that 99% av LEGO sold to kids today are those soulkilling models.)

That's exactly what I thought...
But then.. my 6 year old builds the kit.. Plays with it for 5 minutes and after that he continously creates other stuff. Specific parts get reused for all kinds of purposes. So... You're wrong. 😉

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Keep this going please.
Now some smaller (pancake) lenses and i might leave Fuji for Nikon.

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Pierre Louis: It would nice to see HONEST reviews of the loopdeck+. I bought it because of the glowing reviews on YouTube. Let me tell you, those reviews are either fake or intentionally ignore all of the glarring issues. It isn't nearly as customizable as they'd have you think. In Lightroom, you couldn't even change the function of any of the small dials. New firmware supposedly allows users to do this... Except it never worked once for me. Second, it is NOT a keyboard replacement. Anyone saying it is is full of it. It should have been designed properly to function as the device it is, a keyboard companion. The current design is just too big and bulky to use alongside a keyboard. 1 out of 5 stars IMHO. There, I just saved you $250! You're welcome.

Are you blind? Do you see an alphabet on those buttons? Can you work on a workstation, use an OS without a keyboard?

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vFunct: Gonna be the first of many products delayed due to Coronavirus.

It’s not only price. China is not a free country.
I did not understand why the free world thinks it’s ok to do any business with them.

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On article Fujifilm announces affordable XC 35mm F2 prime lens (283 comments in total)
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Joe Mckinney: I like how people are saying the Fuji 35/2 is sharper than a Canon or Nikon 50/1.8 at the same aperture but ignore that the equivalent aperture is f2.8 for a full frame 50mm. The Canon and Nikon 50s are extremely sharp at f2.8 which is the equivalent to the crop sensor 35mm at f2.

@cxsparc: nonsense.

Link | Posted on Jan 25, 2020 at 17:48 UTC
On article Why Leica's M10 Monochrom is more than just a gimmick (656 comments in total)

Please stop the whining. It's always the same here. I go to many websites and fora, nowhere is it worse than here. Leica, FF vs APS-C, the GRIII.... all subjects were one can guess the reactions/discussions upfront.
If you don't have something constructive to add, why are you people (you know who you are) so arrogant to think your commentary is so important that you should share it.
I don't see people on car fora complaining about the price or features of a Porsche.

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DDavis1: The best camera of 2019 is the camera that you are USING.

Bla bla

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