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This makes me really exited for the em-1 iii. My hope is that many of the features like handheld res will be transferred over, and improved in a smaller body. I'm going to hope some features make it into the em-5 iii, but my expectations aren't high for that - still I expect the em-5 iii to be a great camera regardless.

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Ivan Surikov: Specs sounds like Samsung Galaxy Fold looks... Looks cool but...

well i mean if the fan works well it'll be a cool phone......

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IdM photography: I hope that telescope has an auto-destruction system, for when it becomes obsolete... Aliens finding the Hubble telescope with correction glasses would laugh at us...

Fortunately, plans are put in place for when the hubble telescope runs out of fuel. When it can no longer be serviced and is nearing the end of it's fuel supply, it will use it's remaining fuel to either force re-entry and guide it into the ocean or push it into a higher orbit one last time where it won't be usable, but will stay aloft for a few decades after it stops working. It will not be allowed to run out of fuel and fall uncontrolled, it has enough redundancies built in that crashing into a city is unlikely.

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basleigh: The timing on the 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square demonstrations seems designed to vilify China. Comments here only confirm China deemed a "menace" even on this photo website? Stereotyping always breeds hostile contempt of the unknown.

Are you saying the CCP doesn't deserve to be vilified for the atrocities it commits against it's people? How many thousands of peaceful protesters were killed during the Tienanmen square massacre? The party goes to such great lengths to hide the things it has done from it's people, should we simply say that it's OK for the government to restrict knowledge from it's people? Criticizing a government is not "stereotyping".

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BostonC: Sensor size is not as much an issue as 5-10yrs ago, judging by the advances on smartphone cameras. What's missing by the likes of Olympus is the lack of R&D in image processing, including denoising, far behind commercial software products and phone camera makers.

It's worth mentioning that many of those tricks phones have fore denoising aren't the same as what you get in lightroom. Some phones will take multiple photos(generally 10+), then take data from all of them to create a photo with significantly less noise. This is significantly better than just denoising a single photo in photoshop. (it's kind of like hdr, but for noise instead of dynamic range)

If they were to build that feature into cameras it could be a huge benefit for static subjects. I actually have occasionally used the same technique of taking a burst of photos and then stitching them together in post to reduce noise, and it works well sometimes, but it would be super convenient if that was in camera.

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Just out of curiosity, anybody know how well something like this would be for wildlife photogrophy on mft? It it's as sharp as the marketing says, is a fixed aperture at f4.9 feasible for this? I have no experience with a lens this long, so, would f4.9 be too shallow? With my cheapo 40-150mm, I've never used anything other than the widest aperture (for birds atleast, for static subjects, I have used smaller apertures), so to me it seams like it may not be an issue, but I'm not sure. In any case, I'll wait till it's released to see what people say about it, but it is an appealing lens to me. Similar price to the cheaper zooms that go up to 300mm, with a wider aperture.

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Charrick1: I think this story is manufactured, with subjects making changes because they are told to do so. Nobody outside of a Japanese photo booth (and even then, just for fun) posts such pictures of themselves. And they are all done the same way... Fake rouge and other makeup with faces that narrow near the bottom... Looking like a beauty contest winner for grey aliens. I have noticed that there is a lot of manufacturing of "problems" and "controversies" that either don't exist or are blown out of proportion so some writer can get virtue signaling points. Maybe that is the controversy that should be looked at next... Those who pretend to be saviors while slaying fictitious dragons for brownie points.

Certainly only a very, very small minority of teens would overdo editing to this extent. Plenty use basic tools that automatically smooth out the skin and the like, but nowhere near this extent. I know maybe one person who regularly edits their photos like this, and even they don't take it to this extent.

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