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On photo gull over still lake water in the Your Best Bird Shot challenge (34 comments in total)

Undoubtedly its photoshop work:
Reason 1: the subject and its reflection are always symmetric. In this case, you can see that its unusual and not 100% symmetric.
Reason 2: the right wing of the subject is touching the left wing of the reflection. In the angle that this image is shot ie eye level, it is impossible for such a scenario.
Reason 3: the reflection is way too clear. Reflections from water are always blurred and impossible to figure out the feathers.
Reason 4: No gap between the subject and reflection. No matter how close the gull is to the water, there is always a gap between its subject and reflection unless the gull is in contact with water. If it were in contact then where are the water ripples ?
Sad but true, this image has won this competition. Hopefully, those who are voting will vote for real photos and not photoshopped ones.

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