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Photographic qualifications: LRPS, CPAGB

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  • Replied in Pentax 24-70
    A lot depends on what other lenses we have. I also have the D FA* 50mm f/1.4, and that caters for occasions when I want a large aperture. Also, where relevant I take multiple shots at 28mm with the ...
  • Replied in Pentax 24-70
    I have both. I also have the D FA 28-105mm lens. The easiest to give up would be the D FA 24-70mm. (I would hate to give up the D FA 28-105mm lens!)
  • Replied in Pentax 24-70
    For the record, the D FA 15-30mm can also take filters, the same as the Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8. I have a couple of these filters. Part of the kit is the special filter holder. But they are expensive ...
  • Replied in Pentax 24-70
    If the D FA 28-105mm is the only lens I have with me, I take a number of shots and do a panorama merge. Air to ground photos from a helicopter For landscapes and interiors I mostly I use the D FA ...
  • That is a strange statement, given the considerable number of people who post photos taken with Pentax equipment to this forum!
  • It is a function of the number of pixels. There are so many bits per pixel to hold the light-level for that pixel. Complications include: how many bits per pixels? What compression is used? But if ...
  • (I like your example photos!) I find something similar when I re-visit old photos. Especially (but not only) for noise. My choice is Lightroom Classic CC. I have vast numbers of old DNGs in the ...
  • I love your dark-background flower photos. Is that an "insect of the month" in the first one?
  • Precisely! I want to know how many pixels I have to work with in Lightroom for a distant plane captured with a focal length of (say) 450mm. Put crudely: I edit pixels, not square millimeters.
  • This was how I calculated it. Did I make a mistake? What is it? Linear first APS-C is 23.6mm wide. K-3ii has 6016 pixels across. So 254.9 pixels per mm. FF is 36mm wide. K-1ii has 7360 pixels ...
  • For amusement:
  • It is interesting to me! Can I read the writing? Yes! Can I see the rivets? Yes! For aircraft in flight I always do! But it had a lot of merit, see photo below. I used it a lot for action photography.
  • ( By far my most used lens! But 150mm can be too long in some cases). Other potential options: DA* 60-250mm f/4. Not FF , but more coverage than APS-C. (Think "SQUARE"). Now rather old, of course! ...
  • I'm not surprised about that image quality comparison. My Lumix LX100 has proven to be good in the field since I bought about 3-and-half years ago. Especially once I've used the Lightroom "Details" ...
  • Stunning photos! (As I expect from you). Do you use auto or manual focus? I have mixed feelings with that lens. It tends to "hunt" when I use auto focus, but I tend to lose a live subject while I'm ...
  • Good points. One reason is larger batteries. The extra viewfinder information needs extra space in the housing at the top. The AF system takes up a lot of space at the bottom. There are circuit ...
  • That is what I try to do. In fact, I'm often shooting quick bursts of 3 when the Canon and Nikon users round me are shooting much longer bursts which they won't benefit from. At the last airshow I ...
  • Fair comment! Most of my rejects are within bursts where I kept just one. There was nothing wrong with the others, but they were redundant. I suspect we do need better terminology!
  • Replied in What for?
    This isn't about your complacency! It is about Ricoh's potential complacency . Yes, decid ed . I'm waiting until CP+ 2019 to see whether they have changed (or will change by then) that decision. ...
  • Replied in K-3 Successor
    It's a date! But I'm not sure we will be able to have a proper argument after kegs of beer! (If you drink red wine, I'll supply the wine. Probably Merlot, but I'm flexible).
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