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  • Crop sensors do not give an "extra focal length," but they do generally give a little extra "reach." I would like to point out, however, that it's because crop sensors generally have smaller ...
  • The full moon does not provide as much light as you might think; you're not going to get good video in moonlight. Better to shoot during the day (or dusk) and expose/process the video to look much ...
  • I think that's a very poor way of putting it; it makes it sound as if a low resolution sensor will produce better results from a lens, which is never true.
  • Clearly you're not interested in facts and you refuse to offer any evidence at all to back up your ridiculous claims, so I'm done here. Happy shooting!

  • "Ya gotta stop with this bogus claim. You've posted nothing to back it up."
    I've posted plenty to back it up, all of which you dismiss as nonsense. You, however, have posted nothing more than what...

  • "And the D5's pixels are also almost twice as large as those in the D500."

    Irrelevant. It's the sensor size that matters, not pixel size. I defy you to find a reliable source that confirms...

  • "You mean your links to charts?"

    No, this:

    "That is simply untrue given generally the same era sensor development. "

  • I was referring to the link regarding the sources of image noise (which I clearly stated above). Did you read that?

    And pixel density does not really tell you anything about a sensor's...

  • And just to show you how little the dual pixel AF affects noise performance, here's the graph showing the 80D vs the T5i; notice the 80D has lower read...

  • You're right, the 5DS R does not have dual pixel AF. My bad. But the second link is NOT the 70D. It is the T5i (also known as the 700D).

    And what's wrong with using RAW files to compare high ISO...

  • If you cannot tell the difference between the T5i and 5DS R at high ISO, I suggest you get your eyes checked....

  • The difference in read noise is negligible in terms of explaining the difference in performance.

    Photography is all about light; more light=less noise. Bigger sensor means more light for a given...

  • The 70D was the first released with the dual-pixel architecture. How does that have a history?

  • Compare the Canon 5DS to the Canon 70D. Pretty much same generation of tech, pixel size is near identical. 5DS produces cleaner images.

  • It's the size of the sensor that matters, not so much the size of the pixels. A FF sensor will produce a cleaner image than an APS-C even if its pixels are no bigger.

  • Replied in Fallacy?
    I think you need to re-read and try to understand what he said rather than assume what he did.
  • Replied in Fallacy?
    Where did GB say otherwise? Yes it is. That's how the inverse square law works. But the bench will appear smaller, as well, in exact proportion to the lost light. Again, where did GB say it did? Ob ...
  • As he already said it will not make any difference. It will not contribute to the vignetting, and therefore taking it off will not reduce the vignetting.
  • Expect more to come. I'm guessing you missed this one from last year?
  • Sometimes the increased DOF is more important than the diffraction softening. For instance: in a macro shot where focus stacking is not an option.
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