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fibonacci1618: This is frankly almost too good to be true, in that it offers ultra wide angle at one end, and ultra tele at the other end. Really wonder if the lens ends up making too much of a compromise at the wide end, or at the long end.. Will have to wait & see the sample results.

16mp on a 1/2.3" really is pushing it. If the sensor has been further optimized so that the photosites more effectively capture light, & it ends up achieving the same quality results as an existing 12mp sensor, then fine. But I'm already sensing (pun intended) that 12mp is already pushing it in current sensors & ideally it should be 10mp for this small sensor size. Oh well.

I'm hoping that 16mp is an indication that Panny has designed the 1200mm end of the zoom to have high enough resolving power & quality... That would be an amazing feat in itself. And at f/5.9 to boot. Really not bad...

I wouldn't say 16mp is pushing it. With current technology, they've been able to get great results with pixel sizes under 2 microns, and sensor designers seem optimistic that technology will continue to improve.

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JJ Rodin: Sadly, I do not even consider a 1/2.3" sensor camera if it has more than 12mp.

Strange that 'need more cam sells' companies do not realize that their 'magic processing' really does not make up for itty-bitty photosites, 12mp is more than enough for these camera types, R U listening ???

Untill a new 'physics' is created, cell sites need 'rooom' to suck in those photons, no magic DSP makes up for physics!!

Not sure why all the complaining about the megapixel count. Cameras with smaller pixel counts DO NOT provide better images. It's been shown again and again.
And do you really think the difference between the pixel sizes pf 12MP and 16MP are that extreme?

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Roland Karlsson: So simple, yet so ingenious, The Bayer CFA pattern. No matter how you think, you cannot find a more economic pattern. Many people have tried. There are variants, like the ones Fuji dreams up now and then. But, its only variants, in some way better, bit overall less efficient.

Not many people have made an invention that have had such an impact.

Now, we really want a real three layer RGB sensor. But ... its very hard to make one. The Foveon is a good try. It works. And it has some merits. But, it still dont beat the Bayer CFA in economy. Eventually someone will make a three layer sensor that do beat the Bayer CFA solution. But, it will take several years from now.

My thoughts go to Bruce Bayer´s family and friends. May they find some comfort in that Bruce Bayer was one of the more influential persons on this planet.

I don't see a three-layer sensor outperforming a Bayer sensor. It's less sensitive by design (among other issues). I think the fact that Bayer's design is still the top-performing one 36 years later says a lot about the brilliance in his solution.

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Even if the hype were all true, I think the samples show pretty well how pointless this technology except in the case of missed focus, which is the exception, not the rule.

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