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  • Created discussion thread Trump Groupies
    We all know that Donald J Trump is a liar, and is mentally ill, but what about his avid supporters?  We have posters here believing everything that Trump says even when the facts clearly indicate ...
  • I get it former President Obama install a Cat Scanner in Trump Towers to spy on Trump.  That makes as much sense as just about anything else you Trump groupies have to say.  Or maybe they were ...
  • ...Snip I think Kellyanne Conway really meant the Barack Obama installed an MRI machine at Trump Towers so that he could look inside of Trump. Rstone, how can you defend what is certainly crazy. I ...
  • Yes, healthy skepticism is good, but  unhealthy denial is not so good.  If the shoe fits, you may wear it.  For example denial of man-made climate change is not healthy skepticism.  Instead it is ...
  • Only an idiot believes what he/she reads on these lying websites.  Since you believe this crap you must be an ...
  • I'm sure that you do not believe this.  You just thought it would be fund to get people to post.  You do know that a concave lens does not focus light or anything for that matter.  But they are ...
  • The crazies strike again.  I guess if Trump tweeted it, it must be true.  Wow.
  • When I listened to music, I prefer to concentrate on the music and not just play music in the background. I go to life concerts and listen to music on a very good stereo system. Because my tastes ...
  • I have sold a number of items and bought one camera from KEH.  All transactions were fine.  When they received one of the lenses I sent, I  informed them that the amount they were offering was not ...
  • Created discussion thread Trump's Tweets
    Now I get it.  Trump's tweets are official documents.  So they must be true.
  • What do you mean.  Trump's tweets are official documents.  So it must be true.
  • Certainly we believe everything Trump says or tweets if we are one of his groupies.
  • What official documents.  Let's see them.  More likely you consider Trump's tweets official documents.
  • Depends on who you are. If you are one of the rabid Trump supporters, you prefer the news sources that lie all of the time and try to put Trump in a good light. You prefer news sites that present ...
  • You don't get it. If these buffoons like the news it is true. If they don't like it it is a lie. Even when the news media quote Trump directly it is a lie. Well actually the quote is probably a ...
  • If companies such as Wells Fargo would not finance the Pipe Line it could not be built. Republicans do not explicitly support polluting rivers or the environment, but their lack of support for ...
  • Why do you refer to the honest and objective media as Left Wing?  Do you  think that the truth is left wing?
  • They are only discredited by dishonest people like you.
  • Sure I still take photos.  As would be fitting for this forum, here are a few from two different protests against Republican policies.
  • There is not much to say except that your are a complete and total idiot.  Just as a starter Obama's policies were anything but racists. By the way, great call by Amnesty International.
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