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  • As magical as my 35L II

  • For life-journaling it's fine. Almost all mirrorless cameras have some sort of EVF niggle so the R doesn't stand out in that regard. For wedding photojournalism I found the EVF freeze to be a ...
  • There's a lot of 1.2 images I shot that I didn't like (regarding background nervousness). In the end, I trapped out the camera to not shoot wider than 1.6 so it became a "see no evil" proposition. ...
  • I don't have any progressive comparisons on hand (deleted them after the quick test), but here's the busy bokeh at 1.2 https://www.flickr.com/photos/tomkphoto/46422926181/in/dateposted-public/ Not ...
  • You're probably correct, but after four tries you just shrug your shoulders and move on. Perfect in everyway, except the busy bokeh wide open (compared to 35L II).
  • The lens I wanted to love. Rented one about the time of release (2007) and loved it — both on full frame and APS-C. Later I tried to purchase them as soon as they hit the Canon refurb store (I buy ...
  • Created user review thread Best Canon 50 ever
    This lens is more impressive than the EOS R you have to shoot it with. Focus accuracy at ƒ1.2 is confidence-building. Sharpness at every stop up to ƒ8 is something. CA is never an issue. The bokeh ...
  • Replied in Get a zoom
    With current Canon zooms being so good, it's a wiser decision to cover less used focal length with more flexibility. Save the 24 prime for wedding photographers who hang their brand on that focal ...
  • Replied in I returned it
    I'm all in on the good stuff. Reliable focus at 1.2 (even with adapted legacy lenses), silent shooting, and the promise of getting more smart-phone stuff in our cameras (face detect, etc). But, you ...
  • Replied in Try AWB-W
    The trick to not have Canon muddy and too-warm WB is to select AWB-W which prioritized white accuracy. Not sure why anyone would want Canon's standard AWB output ... editing 200+ weddings a year I ...
  • Replied in I returned it
    As much as I thought I would work the R and RF50 into my workflow, the EVF freezing was just too weird. That, combined with the single slot compromise, makes me think I'll keep my spare Mark IV (I ...
  • Image review doesn't work when shooting unfolding events. Say a mother is helping a bride getting her veil on. Most wedding photographers will shoot that sequence in staccato form. First, a safe ...
  • These all look great — perfect life journaling lens. Sharp, lightweight, easy on the wallet.

  • Hopefully, you still like your wedding images without having to add in any handicaps the photographer might've had. The "perfection pursuit" keeps so many photographers from shooting weddings for ...
  • No face detect - just single point AF. The accuracy of the R is that good. Shoot at 1.2 without worry. With 5,000+ af points, you can find one you like - lol.
  • Thanks, Dave — it's par for the course. A wedding photographer's job is to quickly make the most appealing images in a less than perfect conditions. Part of the fun it all.
  • Great point. A few of these are a little hot, as they are not the final images the client will see, but fast proofs. We do final color/exposure grading as a last step.
  • https://www.dpreview.com/galleries/2745344100/albums/rf50
  • https://www.dpreview.com/galleries/2745344100/albums/rf50
  • Worked the EOS-R and RF50 into a few weddings over the holidays. Here's a dozen or so from one event. Shooting data within.
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