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LI: In an over saturated cellphone market, it is no surprise to see some companies trying hard to show the difference between " fully loaded " and " extra heavy loaded " in cameras and sensors equipped, and making some people believe that this trend is a " game changer " or " final nail on DSLR ". My humble opinion is that even if you are a keen smartphone photographer, you should still be smart enough, as this article says, to see the over all smartness of your next phone, not just its cameras or sensors , specially when it sells at almost the same price as a DSRL and when physics of light still rules.

Who wants to lugg a DSLR around with a bag of lenses. when the quality gap is getting smaller.
DSLRs are fine for commercial photography...............but are rapidly on the way to becoming dinosaurs.

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cdembrey: I've never used a phone as a camera, although I did't make a few pointilis photos with my iPod Touch 4G's .7Mp camera. I also have not made a photo with a DSLR or Mirrorless ILC in about 5-6 years. I'm getting an iPhone X this week. and don't plan on ever using it as a camera. Why would I?? I have a Toyo 4x5 film camera.

Could you tell me .what is this"film" thing you refer to ?

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Protogonus1: Since all smartphone “cameras” are pictoriographically FAKE and ILLUSORY, none of them capable of delivering presentation-size PHOTOGRAPHS destined for customers or blow-ups for exhibition in a MUSEUM (the true goal), of what worth is this discussion? Photographic output limited to “gee whiz” images on a smartphone screen or pissant 2 x 3 prints for passing around the kitchen table is NOT PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE TRADITIONAL SENSE.

Brilliant........"smart phones are not photography in the traditional sense"
That is the point..............who makes super large prints these days ? A small minority. Who makes prints of any size ?

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Newton Leonardo: No matter how good such article like this was, people will keep buying phone for as best camera as they can get from the price they paid, no matter its an entry level or high end phones.
It's now in almost in everyone's gene.

And after a while, people with new-found hobby of mobilephone photography starts to realise they need real camera, and start reading review of dslr or mirrorless.

I actually will go the other enthusiasts like myself......Last count I had 11 cameras and lots of lenses. ..I think will sell the gear and take up phones as a main grabber of images.

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RUcrAZ: Look: Someone decided to create an assignment to write a "reverse article," that is to focus on the telephone instead of its camera. In a camera gear forum! OK, the article was duly written - and it's hardly a literary blockbuster, in my opinion. Besides, DPR has not tested the phones as phones, so why the article? That's the end of my comments regarding the article.
As for me, I wanted a "camera that's always with me" and as an added feature, have a phone attached. Starting from a Nokia N95-8G, which had a "giant" 5 Megapixel cam (tops for its time) now I'm trying to select among the top contenders - as cameras. All these phones (as phones) sound pretty much alike to me.

The Samsung S7 still takes great pics..but the Huawei P30 pro is brilliant.
It makes life so much simpler......................NO photoshop....just great jpegs.....and such clever computer enhancement... cameras have a bit of catching up to do.

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spacecadets: Might we be missing the obvious here?
If you want a camera, buy a camera.

If you want a camera, buy a camera.....the fact is that statement is no longer true.

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Keith Meinhold: Smartphones are the jack of all trades - masters of nothing. They are not great cameras, not great computers, not great phones, not great navigation devices...where they excel is that they are nearly always on hand.

One case they are superior to actual cameras: sharing images. Since the days of film cameras - there have been rolls upon rolls of exposed yet undeveloped film sitting in closets or on photo albums in closets. Same for digital cameras - photos that either sit on memory cards or if lucky get loaded onto a computer and eventually to a social media account. The masses share photography (and video) like never before with the advent of Smartphones.

That said, I will likely always have a dedicated camera - because I am willing to suffer through the production process and task of printing or sharing because the final image is important to me.

Im not so sure.....I think some phones now are truly great at what they do...........
take need to pay for has it sorted......speed cameras...........alternative routes.......traffic......walking routes
and free. The latest cameras are amazing. ...for most things....telling the time ...alarm clocks........instant saving to the cloud..........Voice recognition and language translation....incredible...and so much more.

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The tipping ,point has film directors are now making cinema released films on the iphone. The latest P20 pro phone is taking incredible night shots...........and the daytime shots are superb.
Is this kit as good as dedicated cameras.....perhaps not. Will it suit a great many people... yes. Will more camera enthusiasts move to phones as their main device...yes. The tipping point has arrived.
As for operating systems take your pick and learn it . ....
At the end of the day the equipment is less important than the shot.

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Sooner or later the penny will drop the future of cameras is phones.

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Forget traditional cameras..........its all going to happen on smart phones soon.

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jim seekers: A little off topic here, I am trying to find the Galary of the Photo's taken by the P20 which Dpreview done, think it was over 100 photos but I can not find it.

I have had my pro now for a week still getting to grips with it as a phone let alone a camera. The camera settings are relatively simple....with lots of options.
The pics so far are quite incredible.

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Gmon750: The the heck really cares about optical stabilization specs on a smartphone, let alone some cheap Chinese junk like Huawei?

Oh dear...who bought and Apple ?

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girlperson1: another review basically says the camera is great BUT the AI is "At times this is like having an annoying toddler trapped in your phone – one who is just learning words for things. Dog! Beach! Food!"

Having has my P20 pro for a couple of days and wringing as much out of it as I can ,,,,,,,,I have to disagree...........not an annoying toddler living in your phone at all....but a very clever adult well experienced in post shot processing.
The standard auto Ai shot are nothing short of amazing....fantastic....the best balanced jpegs this side of a fuji XT20. Sure if you want to shoot RAW you could ...but why would anyone bother.
At 40mp auto shots are breathtaking.

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Garug: These images hurt my eye like distortion on sound hurts my ears. There is something just wrong on them.

Ah.... now we have a definition of what is a real photo..................Something pure and untouched..................we almost had a definition of art as well.

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Battersea: For all the talk about mirrorless vs. DSLR camera companies REALLY need to be innovating in computational photography and possible new lenses set ups. Some amazing things could be done in a compact camera using this tech.

But the hobby/enthusiasts would find themselves with so much time on their hands.if they didn't have RAW files to muck about with :)

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108: This phone rings the death-bell for further smartphone pretention to "advanced" photography . You use a smartphone to quickly snap a few selfies or pics of your loved one on a Paris bridge , or the state of the heater that you're going to send to your company for a repair proposal , a quick real estate review , 28 mm equiv no stress . Who on earth is interested in beginning to fiddle with settings , 3x zoom and whatnot ? Better then have a regular camera , like a pocketable 1 inch sony or canon .

I think you are wrong..............this is the turning point.Unless you are a pro shooting for reproduction.....sell your gear now why there are enough camera enthusiasts to get a good price......A while ago ken Rockwell did side by side comparisons of Fuji X100s and an apple I phone..even back then I was why bother with a camera. The apple was so good.
That was an I phone 6 from memory............and things have got a lot better since then. Trust your eyes.

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MCosta: This triple-camera is a great disappointment. Why all the major smartphone brands have this photo over sharpening syndrome? I've been using a Motorola X Force from 2015 (with a 21Mp sensor) and the camera has much more quality in details and shadows than all the flagships from Samsung, Huawei, LG and even Sony and iPhone. Today I did some tests, side by side in all the modes and the P20 Pro doesn't come close to my Moto X Force. Sure, the P20 Pro has the zoom and all the bells and whistles one should cry for, but I still prefer the clear, natural and non destructive processing of the image from my 2015's Moto X.

I now own both............I like my Moto X Force but the new P20 pro is so superior in almost every way. Do you own both ?
I have been doing side by side comparisons today.....Lots more to do but the Moto is never going to perform as well as the P20 pro.

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esmufotografija: The downside is that it is a big slab like the pixel 2 xl, deep pockets are needed, or a bag. 3rd party android apps still have a way to go.

It is also interesting to skhoot the new breed of camera phones in raw and see how they perform without all the computation
👍 to the smarphone

You seem to be missing the point............the clever onboard adjustment is what the new breed of smart phones are all about.
Who wants to faff around with RAW when these clever jpegs are so good?
Life is too short:)

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noisephotographer: The P20 Pro seems to be the new king of ghosting:

I could demonstrate crap shots taken with any camera.........................More pertinent is showing the good ones....and just how good they are.

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spitfire31: Here is a somewhat less breathless assessment of the P20/P20 Pro:

The register review is hilarious......clearly the writer is on another planet.

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