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Using digital photigrahpy combined with digital scanning to create abstract images and prints.


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That's not a business...its a hobby

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The view of someone who is not an artist....based on generalisms and glib conclusions.
I am an artist and I have run a large international design company which I started.

Not all artists are the same.........but then how would a run of the mill business man know that ?

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Guidenet: Great article. Thank you. So many don't consider a single light as studio lighting or try Strobist when a single monolight might be a better alternative so Kudos for this. This type of thing just helps people think about getting into a home studio situation or even carrying a single monolight with a battery pack on location.

So many think you have to start with three, four or five lights. I started with two and have over six now, but don't use them all very often. Many times I take only one and a reflector into the field.

Again, Thank you and Kudos to DPReview and Thomas Park for a great job.

An article that makes a good point.
The snipers miss the main point.......try lighting with one light source .

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Danielepaolo: Why "appears not to fix 'white orbs'"/. It is simple, they did not fix the problem.

I will be thrilled when all the dissgruntled X10 owners sell thier cameras buy another make..and go and bore the other forums...
Ive never read such a bunch of half assed whingers anywhere.
Please move on !

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