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Jeff Greenberg: ---
> "Anyone who bemoans the broken camera is full of s–t."
Put me in full of s--t column.

In fairness I was referring to the other members of the vintage camera collector group on facebook. The quote was lifted by the author (without my permission) and used for this article. The comment was not meant people who only own cameras to use them as intended.

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lilBuddha: I do like it as a piece of art. It tells more of a story by itself that the vast majority of cameras.

There is a Bugatti that was sunk in a lake and pulled out 75 years later.¹ I love early Buggattis, they are beautiful machines, but this one has a beauty all its own. Much like the camera.


I am the person mentioned in the article. I remember buying this camera. I bought it at the Second Sunday camera Show in Wayne, NJ. I believe it was held at the Fire Station at the time. That was probably 15 years ago. I bought it because I liked the Leica form and weight. At the time I was shooting an M6 with 35 Summicron. On my shelf this camera became a great conversation piece. I think a piece like this challenges the notion of what is art and other times just to be enjoyed in a sculptural sense. I love that it continues to create interesting conversation. I am grateful to read this thread.

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Seasider: 'Anyone who bemoans the broken camera is full of s–t.' I suspect it's the absurdity of buying one at a ridiculous price is what people are bemoaning. Yep, Jonathan you are full of s-t.

aren't we all :)

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Jonathan371: I owned this actual camera years ago. I bought it at a camera show and years later sold it to a friend who auctioned it about 5 years ago. Looks like its popping up again.

One point I would like to add. I am also a professional photographer and have always loved shooting with an M6 :)

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Jonathan371: I owned this actual camera years ago. I bought it at a camera show and years later sold it to a friend who auctioned it about 5 years ago. Looks like its popping up again.

Indeed. Although I dont recall using any expletives.

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I owned this actual camera years ago. I bought it at a camera show and years later sold it to a friend who auctioned it about 5 years ago. Looks like its popping up again.

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On article Sony announces new ultra-fast FE 50mm F1.2 GM lens (547 comments in total)

Big boy lens. heavy lens to carry around all day I think. Much lighter options with a manual lens and Techart LM-EA7 AF converter. Just sayin...

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Nice to see a real flagship camera from Sony. I wish it had a swivel screen and I wish Sony would come out with some sort cover that comes down over the sensor when the lenses are swapped out. I'm sick and tired of removing dust from my sensor. I never had that problem with a DSLR b/c the mirror protected the sensor from dust.

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On article Full-frame mirrorless lens guide 2021 (1817 comments in total)

Sony blows the rest away. Besides all the glass listed above I can use all my glass going back 100 years plus. Most of it in autofocus too using the LM-EA7. The best thing about Sony though is the viewfinder. Much better than any optical finder. Even better in low light. Biggest downsides to Sony mirrorless is constantly worrying about dust on the sensor and the way the screen flips down. Thats just stupid. It should rotate out the side like on the Canon. Why is this so difficult ??? A screen that rotates out the side gives you a more stable hold on your camera and is far more natural to use.

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Lets hope this works out better than the Meyer Optik version...

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Tom_A: I find it cool, but surely when you buy a leica, you first and foremost want to use Leica lenses, I would think?

Leica verion is about 12k. i'm good with this one :)

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MOG Fyre Festival lens going on sale soon ...
made with real BS

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JP001: The bump in megapixels was a given. But apart from that, I was expecting a full touch interface and was hoping for a tilt-swivel screen. No mention of any of that. Sony has great touch technology, just look at their Experia phones. And they can do a clever screen, just like the one the A99 II has. It's not something they have to invent all over. And also no mention of 16 bit files or compressed raw files without any loss in quality. Doesn't mean it's not there, though. Still hoping... And I hope I don't have to get a new flash controller because of the new interface on the hot shoe...

I could not agree more. Why they have not put a swivel screen in this series is unexplainable. The tilt screen is better than a static one but a far cry from the utility of a swivel screen.

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Is Loxia Latin for "would be great if autofocus" ?

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I had two of these. Always thought they should be worth more on the market. The british gun cameras were always a bit cooler.

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Ok the price is absolutely stupid money and that is dissapointing. I have always been a fan of the original Thambar. Wondering why they dont mention the center spot filter?

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On article CP+ 2017: Hands-on with new Voigtländer E-mount primes (116 comments in total)

Buy the M-mount versions and use the Tech Art AF adapter so its an autofocus lens. Nothing better than shooting Leica M glass in AF.

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On article Leica Noctilux: Overkill or Necessity (37 comments in total)
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RodluvanII: "When working on assignment, being able to shoot at f/1 (or f/0.95 with the last version) frequently means getting the shot versus not getting it. In professional photography it easily translates into thousands of dollars."

I hear this all the time, but I can not image one occasion where a professional photographer would spoil an assignment or 'not get a shot' for not having shallow enough dof or enough available light. Assignments are planed ahead and so is the gear and lighting, not considered on a whim. Apologetics like that I would only expect coming from dentists with too much money, to whom this lens is for. Hardly a professional (the few Leica using professionals there are left).

wrong. if you get the shot with a special lens and use it to promote yourself you can get a lot of work for offering something speical

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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (2139 comments in total)

The Sony A7 is about 2 years old now. We have the A7R II which blows the doors off the Canon 5D mk 4. What a joke. So beyond dissapointed with Canon. The only thing they had that was really better than Sony was the radio flash system and now Sony has it. So, as a professional that is one less obstacle to switching from Canon. 4 years waiting for Mk 4? Really Canon you should fire yourselves. LAME

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I hope this lens does not suck as much as the Petzval lens they made. Biggest piece of garbage I've ever shot with.

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