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skyfotos: READ THIS!

"We will also develop a modified sensor, which will more universally resolve the ‘white disc’ blooming effect in all modes. We are working hard to make this new sensor available from late May 2012.
We encourage any customer with an X10 and X-S1 who has experienced the ‘white disc’ phenomenon to call their local authorized Fujifilm service centre.

Fujifilm is committed to delivering the highest quality products to the photographic community, and is happy to provide this improvement."

people complain that Fuji does nothing and then when they do they complain even more. Such a bunch of negativity which is all pervasive in society today...nothing is good enough..no one is doing enough except for all the internet yackers. Fujifilm is moving on this issue.

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I was just sitting on my couch laughing at the marvels of this camera. Every time I turn it on I learn something new about it. This camera is a gem and no, I'm not an orb denier. I have had a few that I purposely attempted to created when the news first broke of the problem. Apart from the orbs which for some is a major issue but not so much for me however I was wanting a fix.

So today after my recent joy playing with my X10, I decided to check into dpreview to read what hyper negativity would be flying around..I wonder how many posting their negative comments have actually used the X10? So all I can say is I'm glad Fuji has moved to fix the sensor however I agree with skyfotos - "for pity's sake this is a camera!" We pay way too little for these amazing machines..i'm not saying $600. is nothing but in relative terms to what that would get you even 30 years ago..there is no comparison... My Konica Hexar cost $900. 20 years ago..great camera but no match for the X10.. just an example.

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HopeSpringsEternal: Why can't Adobe get its thing together and provide a better update process for Lightroom? I have Adobe Photoshop installed and the ACR 6.6 update was automatically detected and with a one or two clicks of the mouse installed in under a minute with only changes to ACR itself downloaded and installed.

With Lightroom on the other hand, I have to download a massive executable containing an entire release of the product for two different platforms (32 and 64bit). Then I have to go through multiple steps to extract the files to my desktop and then launch the full installer as if I had just purchased the software.

When the new point release is installed, I then have to delete my old shortcuts and create new ones since the installer also changes the install directory (Why??!). Then I have to delete the old directory because it is always left behind. Finally cleanup the install files.

All in all this is a lot of time spent updating the software to add a few camera models or fix a few bugs.

I'm on mac and updated my lightroom update without any of these issues. Was up and going within a minute and all my old shortcuts and albums were ok but I'm no expert. Works great with my Fuji x10 raw files. A huge improvement from the fuji silky pics which is a god awful program.

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my x10 was already on 1.02 also. I am very pleased with initial testing of this camera. Apart from the obviously smaller sensor and fixed lens, this camera blows away my canon 40d which I sold to purchase the X10 as I was tired of lugging around excessively bulky equipment. Now I never go anywhere without a quality camera. I really don't understand comments about the cost of this camera. Prices are actually quite low considering all the advancements in technology. I guess some people just think these cameras should be free.

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On article Fujifilm updates firmware for X10 compact (47 comments in total)

I will have my x10 tomorrow almost 2 weeks earlier than the expected date. I look forward to testing this camera!

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