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Gone back to film. I just could not cope with the obsolescence factor, so I sold my D700 and D300 plus G lenses, and with a friend we are buying an Imacon scanner. From now on its the FM2n, FE2 and my F4s. Back to the future.


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On article Minox announces tiny, retro-styled DCC 14.0 camera (146 comments in total)

Fantastic. Those younger ones who did not know of the Minox heritage, then you have a lot to learn.

I used one of the miniature cams in my job, and now I can get film again!

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On article Photographer revisits images of Vietnam War (89 comments in total)

I served two tours there as part of the AATT, 1967/8 and 69/70. Of course we all wished that it had not happened, but the politics and fear of the cold war drove a different tune than today.
Its good to see these images and it communicates the reality of war, and its the only way sometimes to shock people so that another Vietnam doesn't happen again.
You're right though with one thing. It was not a war in that your Congress did not issue a declaration of war with Vietnam. Neither did they for the $3 trillion adventure in Iraq and Afghanistan. US political leaders have hidden behind dubious resolutions from the worlds greatest debating society, the UN, as an excuse to again pretend they are the worlds policemen.

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You've all missed the point.
Marketing guru's are just smiling. Look at all the forum posts. Its got a lot of people thinking about Nikon. You all are,... right? And it was the same when the D800 arrived.
When everyone is thinking about and talking about a Nikon, they aren't doing the same about Canon...etc etc. Someone in another forum defined it as classic disruptive marketing. Its got nothing to do with whether the product is any good.

Well done Nikon.

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At Last, to quote the late Etta James

Finally a digital camera, all be it small, with hardly any dials and switches. Its the perfect candid/street camera. And 10mp is plenty.

Now Nikon, Can you please give us an digital body with a nice big viewfinder, and only aperture, shutter speed and ISO to change. You could almost delete the LCD. Say an FN2n with a sensor. How good would that be?

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Pity about all that. SD and CF will be phased out in favour of the new XQD format that has just been finalised.
Typical of the music and movie industry being 3 years behind the action.

IN two years WIFI will replace cards completely so there wont be any cards in cameras, just like there are no longer any floppy drives in pc's anymore.

So there you are taking shots and your camera is wirelessly transferring images to your iPhone in your pocket or iPad in your bag at 100mbps.

My understanding is that Nikon will offer this capability in 2012 using an iOS version of View NXx.

Its all happening.

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On article Leica M9 comparison shots added to dpreview database (147 comments in total)

Its getting very difficult now to do these sorts of camparisons. And all that happens is that peoples prejudices come out.
The big debate now is at what point does FF sensor photosite density start to degrade high ISO capture. Its seems that its at the 25mp point on current technology.
Leica and Nikon would have you believe that its the quality of the individual sites that matters, especially at high ISOs. Thats why the M9 is 18mp and the D3s is 12.9. Recent discussions about the D3x and its brilliant low ISO performance will keep it in the studio.
Another respected commentator attributes the matching of the resolving power of M lenses being exploited by a weak anti aliasing filter on the M9, and Michael Reichmans assistant who removed the AA filter on his D3x and was astounded.
So where does that leave us? It all boils down to what use you plan to put your camera to. In the film days the variable was always just the lenses. Not any more.

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