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NEX Creative: This is what the Canon 6D should have been. The clarity of this sensor should be stunning at low ISOs. Who needs more than 12MP these days? Is anyone still printing anything? All of the paper magazines and newpaper are just about out of business.

In the real world, people crop their pictures, and having only 12 MP is a tad on the lean side.

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Canon is losing it. They've made it better by making the diameter bigger. That's what Sigma does!

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Retzius: MSRP of $2700!!! Holy smokes...

you guys. Introduction prices are always higher because demand is expected to be high. After a while the price will settle to a lower level. This happens all over the place (name me one nikkor lens that got more expensive or stayed the same price) , so don't act like this is new for you. Unless you guys have been living under a rock....

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Guidenet: If the optics are great. I'm a player. That's for sure. AFS and VR combined with Nano Coatings. It's another class act. I hope it performs well with the 1.4 converter. Still 560 f/8 is pretty darn slow. Can't have everything for that cheap of a price, I suppose.

Its prob the super ED glass that makes it expensive...

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Its got super ED glass, which is normally reserved for expensve pro lenses. I guess that is what makes it cost a lot more than the predecessor....

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Robert Newman: Nice but expensive camera. I think I would opt for the new Canon 18mp machine over this however. Actually, I still use my Mamiya RZ67 and my 4x5 Sinar P along with an Epson 700 scanner for a variety of work. I don't get the dynamic range of a good digital SLR and clearly there is some quality lost in going from analog film to digital for final printing, but there is plenty of resolution and for studio or architectural shots, there are times when I prefer this approach. It forces me to compose more carefully and meter more intelligently than I might if I just used a DSLR. My main camera is a Canon 5D2, but like all tools it has limitations and when I have time and a specific application for medium or large format images, film can still make sense.

This camera is actually cheaper then the Canon 1Dx. And real ppl have tried it out, not just an announcement with a far of release date.

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