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current camera stable: Olympus OM-D EM5, Olympus XZ-2 compact (also have underwater housing for scuba).

Many lenses...

the museum: Rolleiflex 6x6, Canon S10 (was it THAT long ago?), Canon SD10, Leica Digilux 1, Canon G9, Canon S90.


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BostonC: Sensor size is not as much an issue as 5-10yrs ago, judging by the advances on smartphone cameras. What's missing by the likes of Olympus is the lack of R&D in image processing, including denoising, far behind commercial software products and phone camera makers.

Yes, smartphones take great snapshots these days. But does anyone go and post-process smartphone shots in Photoshop or so? Of course not. And the DOF effects I can take on my Samsung S10+ are downright tacky if magnified. The big difference is we ooh and aah when we look at our smartphone snapshots on a smartphone screen, but for truly good photography you need the glass, the digital processing still doesn't compare. That's IMHO.
And yeah, FF can do things M43 can't for some corner cases, yawn, at 5+ times the weight and expense. And guess what, FF is shamed by 6x6 for some corner cases, so it's stupid to ride that horse.
I love the convenience of my S10+ for snapshots. I love the ability of M43 to go waaaay beyind that with lenses such as a Nokton 0.95 or the Panny 100-300. And I'll never bother with FF again, because I don't like to walk around with a rolling carry-on everywhere I want to take more creative pics.

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DeathArrow: There's no need for m4/3 since phones like Huawei P30 or Google Pixel 3 can do at least as a good job.

you must be confusing snapshots with photography. if u understood "photography" you would not write that.

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On article Samsung gets serious with the Galaxy S4: Camera review (44 comments in total)

I have this phone. The camera is very spotty. I'd rather have 2mp with decent low light performance.

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