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On article Still solid: Fujifilm X-E2S Review (239 comments in total)
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raindance: You know I have been torn quite a bit. I have bought and sold the Fuji XT-10 three times now (I know, I know). I have a love hate relationship with Fuji. I own a Canon 6D as well. The problem is the Canon 6D just does everything perfectly, it's a well rounded machine. The Fuji however has so many flaws, but the camera is beautiful and has a certain fun factor to it, but the fun has it's limits in real world use. I have compared both extensively and while the Fuji has that *magic* in it's JPEGs, the Canon produces clinical colors that look very true to life whereas the Fuji colors (while beautiful) doesn't always work with certain subject matter and very often take on slightly artificial look. I have a love for both systems: the Canon is a consistent, ergonomically solid machine with superb image quality across the board; the Fuji is a toy, but a very fun toy to play with from time to time.

give the pana gx80 a chance, with some tweaks you will get comparable colours like canon

with olys e-m10 II you will have colours very close to nikon

at least you will gain more artistic freedom, because of tons of futures

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On article Still solid: Fujifilm X-E2S Review (239 comments in total)
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Aroart: I had the xe1 and loved the Image quality.. It blew away my Olympus omd em5m2, Sony a6000, Canon70d and 7dm2.... But the focusing performance was so so.. Can't wait to see the new 24mp sensor and focusing system trickle down to the less expensive cameras...

yes: poppy candy colours with waxy high-iso and flare blows people away, just like the pictures in this test (poison-greens and magenta-skins feels "magic")

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On article All about that lens: Sony Cyber-shot RX10 III review (484 comments in total)
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Pat Cullinan Jr: I'm sold. Know why? THE-RED-HEADED PARROT.

for comparsion just look at this (or 100-400 panleica)


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LukeDuciel: Tick many boxes for me but lacking a big one - optical stabilization.

I will wait for gen2 if Oly' can continue this product line.

camera has 5axis IS

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failed retro-camera: no printed ISO-wheel ;))) (just kidding)

but seriously: touch screen is great, can you combine the spot with AF+exposure metering and override the AF manually or do correct the autoISO while working with aperture and shutter manually (like PEN-F)

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ekaton: Had they gone for the niche, the same body with a f2, 40mm equivalent lens, it could be tempting. But trying to go after the mighty Ricoh GR is a recipe for failure.

have a look at pana gm1 (or gm5 or gf7) with 20/1.7

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to me fuji-customers have to wait two years to get their fuji-camera complete with things other Producers had alredy done long time ago... think!

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On article The mighty PEN: Hands-on with Olympus PEN-F (155 comments in total)
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Thomas Richter: Nice. But why a dedicated color/art dial and still no dedicated ISO dial? (Same applies to almost all cameras in the market; I just don't get it. Even PASM is less important to me. I mean; for that retro type of feeling I want focus on the essentials: shutter, aperture, ISO; visible, with imprinted numbers on the dials, not necessarily re-configurable; always at the same place; is it so hard?)
Also, pricing it twice as much as the X-E2s might be a bit steep.

normaly the exposure dial becomes ISO functionality in M mode, or you can configurate a Funktion button

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shigzeo: This looks nothing like a 1960's rangefinder. It looks like a re-thought Pen F, which was an SLR.

Pen F had a rotating shutter made of titanium from outer space development (and 200 other patents), the mirror keeps tiny with eyecup in the corner, so it really looks like a rangefimder and NOT like an SLR! So you can work with interchangebale bright lenses to Keep ISO low without getting bulky (like nowdays).

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T3: What I find most interesting is that Sony is so new to the game, and yet they've chosen not to take a me-too approach. I think that can be one of the advantages of having a fresh set of eyes; you end up solving problems in a new and innovative way., and you're not bound by traditional thinking.

with a little help by their joint-venture-Partner, since Oly incorporated the camera into medical bussines

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Like Fuji-celluloid the sensors always look reddish/magenta to me, for light-skinned people I prefer Kodak-colours as you can find nowdays in Nikon and Olympus cameras. (Even the new Leica SL delivers very nice Colours.)

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On article Sony Alpha a7 II Review (856 comments in total)
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jkokich: Forgive what may sound like a stupid question (there are those), but why is there shutter sound, at all? (Serious question, even if stupid).

because of the shuttersound

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(unknown member): Useless high ISO in RAW.

take a IBIS-camera and keep ISO low

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Beat Traveller: Meh. I've tried to use MIT's MOOC stuff before, from the neuroscience courses, and I found it to be massively over-hyped. It's basically just the slides, lecture notes and references from each course: material that costs them nothing extra to produce because they put it up for the students anyway.

Without more detailed explanations it's useless as a learning tool. You might as well borrow a textbook from a public library.

also good


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On article Nikon Coolpix P340 real-world samples gallery (37 comments in total)
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naththo: My Canon Powershot Pro1 can do a lot better colours than that!

try Nikon A

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On article Olympus Stylus SH-1 real-world samples gallery (61 comments in total)
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alexisgreat: Why dont manufacturers make these cameras with 1/1.8" sensors? The camera would be only slightly larger and it would have much less noise. If Fuji can make a 1000mm camera with a 1/2" sensor, surely Olympus can make a 600mm camera with a 1/1.8" sensor or even a 1/1.7" sensor. Heck, Fuji also makes a 630mm camera with a 2/3" sensor!

take a look at Stylus 1

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On article Olympus Stylus SH-1 real-world samples gallery (61 comments in total)
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alexisgreat: The Image Quality would be a lot better if the sensor was 2/3" and resolution was around 8 MP

take a look at XZ 2

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On article Olympus Stylus SH-1 real-world samples gallery (61 comments in total)
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alexisgreat: Basically give this camera the Olympus C-8080 sensor (2/3" 8 MP) or C-7070 (1/1.8" 7 MP), both CCD, I hate CMOS....... and a lens to fit either of those sensors, and we're good to go ;-) wouldn't mind the feature set of those cameras either- it's sad that cameras from 10 years ago are a lot more advanced than the ones today.

compare a photo with ISO800, this camera has 600mm!

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Handling the Sensorreadout selectiv in one single shot is already implemented in HDR-Bulb in E-M10 (first time). This Technology was used even in Shaddow-Compensation bevor and will be used for more functions in the future (describt in the Patent). Even ISO-Bracketing already exist.

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dark goob: WANT!!

The slow, loud focusing speed of the existing 20 is its only real drawback. I'll probably keep it and use the other one on dual GH3's to do 3D video.


Where have You red "AF is unchanged"?
AF has changed! Cause of new "in lens" instead "frontfocus" design.

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