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Bevardis: @obaliy, I think it is photographer's problem, not camera's. The pictures do not leverage on the main advantages of RF and look like quite standard SLR (snapshots)

..hmmm... but even considering that the limting factor here is the human one;-): seen in the light of the technical aspects the results are diasappointing for me related the the price and HYPE of the Leica gear..

ps. and i dont think, that the RF principle is outdated - in several field like landscape, architecture, human interest / street it works very fast and reliable...=

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On article Shooting with the Leica M9-P (620 comments in total)

hmmm.. as a regular reader of dpreview and many other photographic publications as well as an experienced amateur (="lover") in photographic themes i am a little bit astonished: i don`t see one picture, which necessarily had to be taken with such an expensive gear set..the only real advantages seem to be - the better control of the depth of field compared to aps-c (or minor) sized sensors - and eventually the size of the camera... but especially the low light pics can be done as will with my smallish Pen mini;-) - se is also much faster and more responsive than the overpriced, fat M 9 with it`s sluggish display and electronics....

ps. (i have some classical Leica M 6 and some very fast lenses..)..

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