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F Reyes: Thank you for this review! It was a long time coming, but much appreciated!

Pretty consistent with my experience of the camera. I use one touch RAW on the custom button to get around the slow write speed... Shoot JPEG most of the time (usually casual snaps while traveling, anyway), then quickly shift to RAW for artsy attempts. :) you do lose AE-L though...

My current workaround for that is DMF... I like how you can Let the camera AF then manually override focus using any lens (not just the SSA lenses) with full MF assist. Just wish the distance scale was supported on all lenses.

Shooting RAWs its not so bad. Camera do not freeze completely, you can still take more shoots, use iFn exposition settings etc. I bought mine in kit with 18-55mm + 30mm + 20A flash for less then 800 USD and I can say for this money and lens offer, it have no competition all around. This 30mm F2 lens is a wonder. Great IQ, great for kids indoor, fits in jacket pocket. Only down side of this camera for me is poor JPEG engine in high ISO, but it can be fixed by firmware if Samsung ever wants to do so....

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