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sportyaccordy: That is like eye-wateringly expensive.

Sensors are priced exponentially based on area though due to the odds of defects increasing w/sensor area, so hopefully an FX sized equivalent would only cost $2K or so. Personally I would still rather have a bare-bones FX cam w/the form factor of an old SLR but a legacy mount for <$1000.

if you talk about the price, you cant really afford to buy it.

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best for instagram

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life is just so hard this day

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MM1: Hasselnex?


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NEX-7 got steriod

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because sony nikon olympus canon are too mainstream

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99 phase-detection points!!!

are those all cross-type?

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99 phase-detection points!!!

are those all cross-type?

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OM-D Sensor upgraded
5-Axis IS
1/8000 shutter
Burst 9 FPS or over
Minimum ISO50

then shut up and take my house my money my car my life

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you're calling this custom grip?

so what about this

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Instagram is secretly for girls who want to hide the wrinkles on their faces with some vintage filters and film grain. believe me.

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Tee1up: Seems like a nice set of specs but I rally hate touch-screens on cameras.

why so serious man? just disable it.

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shut up and take my money

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nawknai: That's the worst "con" list I've ever seen on DPReview.

Just say the camera is incredible and leave it at that.

anti staff is anti

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topstuff: LOVE the red color !!

Whats with the negativity about the red version?

Hint to armchair camera gear nerds - using a black camera with a massive lens does not mean that people will look at you and think you look cool. Even if you had a 1dx and massive white zoom , you still don't look cool.

Pretending to be a pro? Secretly hope people seeing you may think you are a pro?

People still don't think you look cool.

Red ( or any coloured cameras ) are cool. They are cool because it means you don't care about looking serious. They are cool because some subjects tend to take you less seriously and this is useful when travelling.

The guy with the black cameras, photo vest, big bag, fast zooms. He will never be cool. I include myself in this category.

We should just face the facts. Looking like a serious photo freak is not cool.
For this reason alone, coloured cameras are cool because you are telling the world that you don't care and you are just having fun.

doest matter, had Pinkon //Kai

if you know what i mean.

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X100 V1.11 VS 1.2 AF Test

that's fantastic

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On article Hands-on with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 (207 comments in total)
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ingram98ab: Nobody seems surprised that Daniel Craig appeared in the samples... is he a regular in DPreview's Hands-on reviews??? Or photographers just dont care??

you dont say

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take my money

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E-5 the best

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