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jpeghorror: The future of Panasonic is as clear to me as the origin of the universe. As a former employee who used to own lots of their audio gear (Quadraphonic, anyone?) and more recently their cameras - I wish them good luck and clear thinking for the road ahead.

Technics is or was owned by Panasonic, I think? The coolest brand in hifi in my highschool days.

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My only prediction is that 99.999% of photos that will be taken in 2023 will be shot on a phone.

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Print your most personal photos and put them in an album with date and occasion written next to them. Still the best method.
I only have one babyphoto of myself (I was the 6th child, so my parents weren’t that excited anymore) and nobody knows where it was taken.

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One good thing to come out of the lockdowns for me was that I knotted a bunch of wrist straps. I’ll use them for the rest of my life.

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Fuji was the first company that made digital cameras look good. Don’t take my word for it, it’s the response I received from friends, colleagues and total strangers ever since I bought my first Fuji X in 2012.

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The Fuji 18-55 costs AUS$499 at Ted’s camera stores in Australia. And that is NEW, of course. Why is it so expensive in North America?

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It looks to me like they’ve done all the right things with this camera. The right size, the right weight, the right screen, the best controls, and it looks the part as well.

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Bring on the X-T50! Good things come in small packages.

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If anybody asks me what is better in the world today than in the world of my childhood, my answer is: “Peace in Indochina”. For all that’s wrong today, at least Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos are countries you can visit and who have incredibly kind and friendly people, after all they, or their parents and grandparents, had to endure.

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I hope the new camera will be made in Japan.

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I remember it was attacked with a knife by some moron in 1975 or there about. They had to touch up the knife cuts. Who can find traces of them?

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My son gave me a book about Magnum’s contact sheets. Now that is a fantastic present for somebody with a passion for photography.

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As the ZFC only comes with one lens, it would have made a lot more sense to compare it with the Fuji X100V.

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I bought Penny Smith’s photobook “The Clash - Before & After” at a concert 40 years ago. My absolute favourite photobook.

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Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, so Fuji should be very proud and happy now.

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The big advantage of older lenses is that there are a lot of 2nd hand lenses to be found for half the new price or less.

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The Trabant of photofilms.

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