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"A smartphone will never be able to capture a fast-moving bird, for example, from a great distance." Sadly that also applies to current Olympus cameras. My OMD's can't reliably catch a moving model plane at a sensible distance, but my 10 years old Canon 60d nails it every time.

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FuhTeng: Fun as always. It think you guys could use more vigor in condemning the bad stuff, but you're Canadian so that's about as mean as you guys get.

Except for the SL3. Really Canon? Good for you guys for hammering on that.

No, not really Canon. Watch it again if you can bear it, their board says "Cannon". Just a pair of annoying fools.

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zonoskar: Can't believe most liked watching a couple of guys get druk and babbling about camera gear. I stopped watching, couldn't stand it. I like Chris and Jordan, but sober. Not drunk.

What a dreadful pair of people. This is the first and last time I will ever watch them and I only watched the part about the worst camera. They even got that wrong by having CANNON, (not Canon) as the worst.

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Bearing in mind that the UK Olympus rrp of the 14-150mm is £549.99 yet it is available grey market for £259 (HDEW Cameras), then maybe if the new 12-200mm comes down by the same percentage, perhaps at $450 it might seem more attractive.

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I passed over the announcement because I am not interested in a digital range finder. Now I find that it is not a range finder at all, it is actually a camera, which is a lot more useful.

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AminF: Sadly for me, no matter how good the new camera(s) is tomorrow, my wife has refused to let me get a second mortgage so I can afford one.

She just does not understand the NEED to have this camera. I've tried explaining that it will instantly make the 7 photos a month that I take SO much better, but she's not convinced.

We all know that a new camera automatically produces better photos. She's being so unreasonable. I may have to get a second job so I can indulge my hobby. I mean so I can produce exceptional work.

Have considered getting a new wife.

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On photo Baby Hippo-2032 in the Baby face challenge (1 comment in total)

The rules do not say human, but they do say no animals!

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Do people really keep lenses in a bag like this, with their front elements uncovered, facing upwards to gather all the debris?

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esmufotografija: My money is on the smartphone winning this segent of the market the larger real estate of the smartphone screen along with using the thumbs to change settings on the screen will prevail.
Sony is just recouping some R&D money from repeat customers
ps the last paragraph of the article is fresh from the cheesy factory.......

I think that the last comment of the review is valid. After all, with no preparation in the steet and just pointing a p&s camera at some strangers, the input of the person holding the camera is just to get the framing correct. Don't be too up your own ass about the skill of the photographer, because hardly any is needed. So "you must have a good camera" seems valid enough to me. But aren't they all good enough for pointless arty-farty teenage street nonsense.

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On article DPReview TV Episode 1: Sony a7 III review (343 comments in total)

These guys say that they are independent, yet dpreview is owned by Amazon. That hardly makes them independent does it?

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keeponkeepingon: Way back in "the day" I loved my EX-Z750 with it's "past movie mode".

Imagine this: Watching my little girl play she looks both ways then stands up.... for the first time. I click the record button AFTER she stands and catch the entire, momentous event on video.

Fast forward to 2018. I have a Sony A6000, a billion times better in almost every way. If had the A6000 at that moment in time I would have missed the moment.

Casio went on to expand the capabilities of their time traveling shutter/record button adding a burst mode that let you start storing the burst before you hit the shutter. Imagine all the action shots you miss the start of in the split second it takes to press down on the shutter. Not a problem with Casio.

Riddle me this dpreview: Has any other camera maker copied the technology Casio invented 13 years ago????

Casio copied the feature now called Pro Capture from the Olympus E-100RS of about 20 years ago long before the current Oly M1/2 reintroduced it.

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TomCodyPleasedToMeetYa: It's France, so this will takes years and lots of acrimony.

And it will take a hideous amount of paperwork. Living in France as I do, you do not have to be an expert in French Laws to be frustrated by the French love of beaurocracy.

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hammarbytp: Before the anti-French rhetoric becomes to loud, remember that insolvency is often used to allow restructuring and give them breathing space to deal with creditors.

While regrettable it is a valid business tactic, just ask the present POTUS

Even obvious in-your-face repetition of old jokes doesn't work either it seems.

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"Book or wall art orders that are currently in progress with the old system should be completed and sent in before December 1st, 2017. Afterwards, your project will be lost."
Really? Isn't it already a little too late? Or is it just a typo?

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jkitche: I wonder if this lens is parfocal (like the 12-60)???

True, but it is still done by electronic trickery as with many lenses for digital these days.

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jkitche: I wonder if this lens is parfocal (like the 12-60)???

Who said the12-60 is parfocal? I thought it was just electrickery to keep the lens in focus as it zooms. If so, that does not make it parfocal.

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On article CP+ 2018: Hands-on with the new Tamron 70-210mm F4 VC (75 comments in total)

My tamron mft 14-150mm had the zoom ring at the far end of the lens, and since I often use S-AF + MF, I found I was too often accidentally altering the focus ring as my hand passed accross it to the zoom ring. I was one of the several reasons that I did not get on with the lens and I sold it.

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revio: Quote From the Olympus press release:

"OM-D E-M5 Mark II Firmware Version 4.0 Details

1. In-Camera Focus Stacking function
The Focus Stacking function available on the Tough TG-5 and OM-D E-M1 Mark II is now available on the OM-D E-M5 Mark II. The focus is shifted in half-pixel increments while capturing eight images, which are then composited to form a single image that is in focus from the foreground to the background. A total of eight lenses are supported (the same lenses supported by OM-D E-M1 Mark II Firmware Version 2.0)." End quote.

Strange...the stacking function has nothing to do with pixel shifting, they must have mixed up the stacking function with the Hi Res function when writing part of that blurb...or did I miss something totally here???

I learned that the stacking "depth", the focus change between images may be adjusted, thus no fixed distance setting for each of the eight images stacked, except the value set by the user.

Already discussed in one of the early posts. Clearly whoever wrote the stuff does not understand the camera. It was in no way a typographical error.

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The blurb says in focus stacking the image is shifted in half pixel increments.surely that is nonsense
That is a description of high resolution mode isn't it?

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princecody: If Fuji & Panasonic tech merged together it would form the Ultimate Camera :)

I like the idea of adding Olympus. That would be planned obsolescence when the stap lugs fall off, the dials stop working, and the cameras get bricked by the Olympus updater.

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