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On article Hands-on with the Canon RF 14-35mm F4 L IS USM (387 comments in total)

So many photos and none, zero, with the lens zoomed to the widest and longest whilst showing the entire lens. What are such pages for if they work this hard to hide information?

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tt321: Does "of the year" mean that the photos have to have been taken in the past year? I've seen the damselfly with one eye on each side of a stalk (maybe not this very photo) certainly from some years ago. It's not a new idea.

Or if you capture it and refrigerate it for a short time, you can then pose it any way you want without doing real harm. After a few minutes it will get back to normal temperature, recover and fly away.

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On article DPReview TV: Canon RF 28-70mm F2L USM review (275 comments in total)
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Video-vs-photo: I could understand part of the excitement in 135 format aka 1/4 frame as this lens in unique is most aspects but IQ. When I look at the samples I can not see even ONE portrait to be really sharp!
I put my comment also under the lens gallery.
Canon RF 24-105/f4 is sharper wide open.
Panasonic 25-50/f1,7 is sharper wide open.
Sigma 50-100/f1.8 is sharper wide open.
And the other day people are bashing Fuji f1, or some other much cheaper f0.95 lenses for be not so sharp wide open..... Now we have same people here chimping, ohh-ahhh-ing, like they saw unseen IQ from this very expensive and heavy lens!
From both galleries here in DPR there is no single portrait with really sharp eyes at f2. Compared to all mentioned above lenses which deliver very sharp eyes!

Of course we are very well educated about equivalence and other stuff like image circle. But this lens does not deliver even in the center so Canon need try harder. Or maybe they get in sample variation wagon?

@video v photo

These are not equivalent photos. The other lenses wide open are not the same as this lens wide open - they have different DoFs (which may cause an impression of sharpness difference) and in general F/2 is supposed to be less sharp than F/4 (Canon 24-105L) or F/3.5 (Pana 25-50) even where DoF is not a factor. And the Sigma you cite is, like the Pana, not wide-to-tele. A lens that is mostly moderate tele is supposed to do better than another one which is wide to tele, esp. for portrait.

More importantly you cannot judge a lens' optical performance from hand-held examples taken in variable and sometimes difficult lighting conditions. The example you cite for this lens is a very low contrast scene taken in soft light and should not be compared with the example you cite for the 24-105 which is a high contrast scene in strong light.

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On article Panasonic Leica 25-50mm F1.7 ASPH field review (123 comments in total)

Text says linear motor but table says stepper motor?

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Does "of the year" mean that the photos have to have been taken in the past year? I've seen the damselfly with one eye on each side of a stalk (maybe not this very photo) certainly from some years ago. It's not a new idea.

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RUcrAZ: With little more programming they could transform the cam into a "full" gps that would make each foto a "waypoint" and allow/guide the return to the exact same position, thus adding much utility to the camera.

If the tripod's location has visual features, just take a photo of the tripod on the spot, or three photos from three angles. Assuming that the ground does not shift, then you can always come back and find the same spot by visual reference. For satellite geolocation with centimetre precision, the price for the gear could be quite high. So the geolocation helps you find the general place, then you use the photos to zoom in.

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On article DPReview TV: Apple M1 iMac vs. Intel PC for photo/video (485 comments in total)

This is more fun than arguing about cameras.

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janist74: "This is Olympus' first collapsable Pro lens" What do you mean by "collapsable"? I don`t see anything special on the construction of this lens what former pro lenses did not have...

'Collapsible' usually means that there is a lens zoom position 1) when the lens is at the smallest size and 2) in which the lens cannot be used to take a photo. So this is for storage/carry only and you need to uncollapse before taking a shot.

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tkbslc: 25-50? In this focal length range, what's the appeal? This is ideal foot zoom territory. Just get a 30mm f1.4 or 42.5mm f1.7 and take a step forward or back as needed. You just saved $2000 and a couple pounds of carry weight.

Foot zooming is unrelated to the FL (well it may be indirectly related depending on the subjects you shoot at particular FL's, but not directly). It has to do with shooting distance. If your subject is 10 metres away, zooming 2x by foot means stepping forward 5 metres or back 10 metres, i.e. not very convenient. If the subject is at 30 metres, zooming by foot is only theoretically possible. At infinity, you'd never be able to zoom by foot. If the subject is close, zooming by foot, although easier, produces a very obviously different effect from zooming by lens FL in subject-background-foreground relationships, which is even more noticeable with video.

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On article DPReview TV: Requiem For Sony A-Mount (209 comments in total)

Mirrorless may not die soon, but Micro Four Thirds, which started the slow killing of SLRs, will probably die during this assassination process.

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On article Why are modern 50mm lenses so damned complicated? (923 comments in total)
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HaraldNL: Very nice article, with information I don't fully understand. I am missing one detail though. Many of the modern lenses are also becoming more complex to fight focus breathing while shooting video. That's a huge difference, because we didn't video in the old days. The Nikon Z's are very well controlled. Don't know about the Sony's, but the Canon RFs have quite some focus breathing, but are way lighter and smaller than the Nikons. But you can also buy video lenses from Canon.

Dpreview's youtube review shows that the relatively compact Sony f/1.2 50mm lens having significant focus breathing. Probably not designed to be used for video where this is a problem.

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Lion-O: Just what we need....more govt oversight (and overreach).

@Thomas A Anderson: This is because the sky daddy is the Superior Being to whom they must submit as slaves, whilst their fellow humans and their representative govt are supposed to be treated with distain, suspicion and outright hostility.

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snapshtr: Great information to know, but that still leaves one with the dilemma of how to compare performance when you're shopping for a lens. Other than buying a bunch of candidates, shooting test shots in the field, then returning the ones you don't like (or renting lenses for the test), MTF curves are all we have.

My approach: mainly wait for good deals and/or cashback promotions to appear. In all honesty, I have not found a lens that is optically intolerable for my needs, which must have always been modest given this conclusion. The operational convenience of lenses (AF agility, IS capability, etc.) has always been more of an issue for shots being missed/ruined than optical qualities for me. I really enjoy reading optical tests and analysis because of the knowledge aspects as well as Roger's writing style.

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On article Canon EOS R5 review (2964 comments in total)

Canon demonstrates that it can kill off the SLR sector if it wants to.

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I just filled my office with laughter. Good positive energy contribution to my day. Thanks Leica.

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On article DPReview TV: Nikon 58mm F0.95 'Noct' lens preview (49 comments in total)
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fPrime: Something you forgot to mention... this impractical lens was a huge strategic mistake for Nikon.

Instead of designing and bringing out affordable/useable 50 or 35 f/1.2 lenses in 2019 the Nikon Z lens design time went to creating this halo product that few will buy or find useable due to lack of AF. In a fiercely competitive mirrorless war against Sony and Canon this lens comes at a very high opportunity cost. Nikon doesn't have the luxury in mirrorless 3rd place to make many more mistakes like this.

By throwing out such concerns as weight, size, VR and AF, the mechanical system is actually quite simple - sort of decades old technology - and the optical design also becomes reasonably low cost (the manufacture might not be low cost but the design could be) so the cost of designing this lens is likely lower than designing an affordable/usable 50 or 35/1.2 with AF and even VR. As the per-unit build cost is high they are not expecting to sell a lot of them anyway so the cost/disruption to the normal/regular progression of the system is actually minimal. I don't believe it's a mistake, just something to do on the side without upsetting the main flow. And the cost is probably worth getting people to talk about the system. Otherwise how do you make a new system unique from the very beginning? With Sony so well established, Canon and Nikon had to have borderline stupid stuff like Canon's F/2 zoom w/out IS in a limited range and this lens right from the start to create some talking points.

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On article DPReview TV: Nikon 24-70mm F2.8 S review (235 comments in total)

Leave uplifting comments...

nEYE-core hahahaha certainly uplifted me. Thanks.

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mr.izo: and who would do such a thing with licensed drone etc, lol?

They recorded the license plates of his car, after videoing him operating the drone. At least that's how I read the text.

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On article DPReview TV: Why waveforms are better than histograms (333 comments in total)

This works better for video because video typically has wider formats than photo. The 'position' is more precisely only horizontal position, which is OK with video but probably not that great with photo. Instead, a more efficient use of the 2D display for essentially 3D information might be contour maps or colour coding for heights (like temperature maps).

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On article Leica Q2 review (1654 comments in total)
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seloo: So, if a camera has fixed 28mm lens and costs nearly 5k for being Leica non of the IBIS, 4K, RIP brigade comes out from hiding. Afraid of Germans?

It does have OIS and 4k? Even if one is not afraid of the Germans mentioning these as missing features would still show up one's own ignorance and won't do anything to Germans.

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