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I heard an interesting rumor, that actually makes a lot of sense.

Sony expected to have to revamp the production facilities at a rate pretty much equal to innovation.....but they ended up being so far ahead technologically, that they can, essentially, "coast" for a year, without major changes to the systems they use to produce sensors for their vendors.

This is double trouble for everyone else in the industry, because it means Sony can deploy the latest and greatest just to THEMSELVES, while taking in higher profits from what they sell to everyone else.

Widening the gap.....and it should be pretty obvious after last week, the gap is VERY wide.

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pjbw127: "Moreover, α9 allows its viewfinder to show not only images of the subject ... but also the final image of a shot." from the Sony web page.
'the final image of the shot'. Could this possibly be the 'Full-time Live Preview' in the EVF that my Sony R1 had back in 2005 and which disappeared after they went DSLR?
Obviously impossible in DSLR and lack of it makes me feel blind using modern mirrorless cameras.
With the limited exposure latitude of the then APS-C sensor it was essential for accurate exposure metering. Unfortunately no reviewer at the time mentioned it; they would all have been DSLR people and a fixed lens camera would have been below their radar for a start. They probably thought that the way the scene's exposure visibly changed ('Live Preview') as they moved the camera was an aberration of the new-fangled EVF (though it was exactly mimicked in the tiltable, swivelable screen). If enough of them had noticed it might have encouraged Sony to continue with it.

This is a little hard to follow, but modern mirrorless cameras, pretty much all of them, have full time live preview.

Every camera Sony makes, going back to 2010 has it. The SLTs, which only look like SLRs and focus like SLRs, are actually full time live view cameras with EVFs that show you exactly what you're going to get.

All of their mirrorless cameras......going back BEFORE the R1, my first was the F707 made in 2001....have true live view.

And yes, now the a6000, a7 series and a9 all have it.


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If you think you're breaking the rules and making great art, you didn't know all of the rules.

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