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taking pictures is communicating with people.
to get the connection,
they have to be taken at the right moment.


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Mike FL: I like FUJI's design whatever coping LEICA, "poor man's Leica" or X-Ts. I wish my OMDs having X-T1/2's old world design/direct accesses, and I do not care video.

I almost bought NIKON Df for the same reason, I liked the silver one, and I went to B&H as my local had no Df, but I was disappointed to see the silver has little/some plastic feeling even it is not made from plastic. Anyway. Nikon may release a Df.M2 soon?

Nikon should release a Df.MII mirrorless

Link | Posted on Jun 15, 2017 at 10:45 UTC
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what a wonderfull post, thank you for sharing a real joy

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scrup: The shutters were probably made in China!

We should respect the Chinese government for standing up.
If European and US governments would care more about customers protection, companies like Nikon would not behave in this manner.

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I keep on waiting and waiting for my 56mm lens, what a frustration.
When i bought my X-Pro 1 a year ago, it was already in the pipeline,
so they said.
Or will the new X-Pro 2 be a full frame camera and the 56mm comes
out as a full frame lens ?

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DP gave a very detailed review, shortly after it came out, among other things
this review made me buy this fantastic camera.
Like the with Canon 7D, through the various new firmwares the X Pro1 became a whole other photo machine, then the one you reviewed at the time.
I think an update is very welcome.
I've been seriously enjoying cameras for more then 30yrs and the Fuji X-Pro 1 is just great! It only is a pitty that they take so long to come out with the 56mm f1.2 lens.

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Will there be a Fuji X mount in future?

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The good thing about Canon bringing out a new camera is,
the old/very,very similar model will be cheaper from now on.
it leaves you with some more money for a better lens ;)
The old model with a better lens will take better pictures,
if that's where you're intersted in ......

Link | Posted on Mar 21, 2013 at 14:03 UTC as 63rd comment

I'm very pleased with this Fuji news. I've been thinking of buying the NEX7 but due to the lack of a suitable lens range, I kept on waiting.
Knowing the Fuji lens quality from the past and their intention for the future, this will be a great camera system. And hopefully in my hands soon!
Well done Fuji, looks like a camera for photographers, who know what they want.

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