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On article Camera roundups: What to buy and why (286 comments in total)

It is time for phone cameras recommended. Do I have to drop down to Consumer Reports to get a camera phone recommendation? The individual phone DP reviews are standard boilerplate. DXO for phones is not as illuminating as regular cameras either. Nokia 1020 still the best? Sony?

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Alec: Just when GoPro thought they can rest on their laurels with Hero3+ :-)

This is an impressive entry capable of kicking the innovation in the segment into a yet higher gear, and I suspect the next couple of years will see interesting competitive updates from iON, GoPro, and perhaps SONY.

The REAL GoPro killer cam, in my opinion, would have the following features (at the time when GoPro is still not delivering them):
1) Full-frame pixel readout. This eliminates the vibration-induced jello inherent in line-readout cameras.
2) An optical image stabilization solution that reduces high frequency frame to frame jitter.
3) A true raw video format with 14-16 bits of resolution pulled from the sensor photosites.
4) Micro-HDMI output on the body with clean output at max res, allowing uncompressed recording via an external unit.
5) 60+ min battery life
6) Able to charge, access camera without taking off ext casing which is sealed AND thermally coupled
7) 4K @ 24, 30, burst 48Hz

Alec, Thanks for posting a wish list. The Canon hack proved its possible. Someone will build it. I would buy it in a flash. Sensor and lens are one component of a system. Data storage, battery, monitor are all separate components. Daniel

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On article Wearable tech gets smart (6 comments in total)

It was funny when Maxwell Smart did it. .. ...

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I've seen a possible next gen AppLeica. A fresh look at a camera line badly in need of 21st century tech. Ive may start thinking about photographers instead of phonefotographers. Start with a Sigma Merrill imaging chip. But take it outside of Sigma's me too myopia.

Imagine being able to control aperture or lens angle by voice, or command "flash off" by saying it. Or invoke saved settings like "indoor sports" or "open shade" and have the camera bring up settings appropriate for the situation.

As long as we are adding features, local WiFi to a cell phone or laptop, or to a remote eyepiece clipped inside a pair of shades. How about eye controlled focus point, like Canon was able to do in the film era but seems unable to do now (hint, patents do expire)

Put all that in an Apple retail store where I could actually handle equipment before buying and after the sale get warranty and advice in support. As for the logo? A red circle with a byte out of the side ( C TM.

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