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On article Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction (1842 comments in total)

A medium term irritation is that I have a (legit !) copy of CS6 Suite yet Adobe are offering a "reduced price for 12 months" for a product I already own.
There is no certainty of pricing for CS7.
A year ago 80% of my images were processed entirely in LR but I am using PS more now than ever before. That stops now ! I have pretty much decided that I won't be upgrading to PS 7 and certainly will not commit to a subscription model.
(I had been hoping that LR would become available for Android as Microsoft have also managed to screw things up so thoroughly with Windows 8 that I would like to give up on Windows also. How do these iconic companies get so out of touch with the customers who provided them with such comfortable profits for so long ?

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On article Nikon D800 and D800E 36MP full-frame DSLRs announced (269 comments in total)

The lack of flip viewfinder is v.v.disappointing. Slow multi frame - a bit disappointing. I sold my D700 in anticipation of this but I'm sure not gonna leap into a purchase.
I'd trade 36mp fr the above specs in a heartbeat. Remember Nikon's justification fr D700 12Mp was the quality derived from large sensor size. That still make sense to me On the face of it,this doesn't seem the huge leap forward that I've been anticipating

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On article Android and iOS App Tools For Photographers (71 comments in total)
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Kerensky97: I like that Sun Surveyor gives you the sun angle but does anybody know of an app that has a similar function to Google Earth's Sun Shadow feature?

It doesn't exist on mobile Google Earth, and in mountainous terrain it's nice to know if your morning shots will be covered in shadow from a nearby peak even 45 minutes after sunrise.

Sunplan by xayin.com -Android Market - has excellent Shadow Compass and very accurate and simple Sun path overlays + comprehensive instructions. I've tried a couple of these and this is the most comprehensive

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