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Adam Sharp: Well having tried to make the swap to Fuji only to open cameras and lenses with mega dirty sensors and lenses with dust and marks all over them I feel like Fuji should try to sort out Qc and that would make me really happy . I send my new camera back to be cleaned and comes back the same .not good . I open new sealed lenses to find not a little but loads of dust and marks on and in them . Yes all lenses have dust but never like I've seen new Fuji lenses . Sellers tell me when Fuji first started x series cameras lenses they were perfect and now we see this issue time and time again . Well Fuji please send me good copies lenses and cameras you will have my money .

no problem here - selling them everyday....might be that your supplier has tested or used them....

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BattleBrat: No Canon, you're too late! I have gone Micro Four Thirds for my portable setup and I'm not going back! (Loving that Oly EM5) I had an EOS M, gave it to my girlfriend. I will use your 6D for my Zeiss glass and your 1N for film, but if you don't get your mirrorless act together I'm going to go back to Sony for my studio toys (My first real camera was a DSC-R1)

fuji xt1......:)

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Michel F: Nikon is so not on the ball these days. It's time for a management change and with it a change in company philosophy. In the last few years they seem to have utterly lost their way. Being more transparent with their loyal customers would be a good start.

true....but they had all the time in the world...

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Elinchrom should rather focus on product quality, their triggers feels like a $2 chinese toy, generics at a quarter of the price are of much better built quality. Had a couple of them now that just fell apart.

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mpgxsvcd: I was just telling someone the advantages of the Samsung phones over the iPhone last night. The two biggest reasons in my opinion were the replaceable battery and the mini-sd slot. Without those two things you might as well buy an iPhone. Samsung has lost their minds with these new phones. The "edge" feature is a gimmick no one wanted.

People tend to forget about LG, their products including phones and tv's are actually far superior to Samsung, although not marketed as well.

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200-500....$1399. wow! .... just 5 years to late. Think most people interested in a lens like this, in this price class, were forced to buy a tamron or sigma 500/600mm by now. I did. In the meantime, Nikon released the one DX lens after another...while most companies are gearing up for full frame. And mark these words, they will be to late when they finally discover that they are behind in the mirrorless game. I mean, their pro cameras that still don't have Wi-Fi? D300 replacement? Listen to wat your customers really want Nikon, otherwise you will loose them forever. Already lost me.

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0MitchAG: $1 billion in revenue but only $60 million in profit? Is this considered normal?

6%?? For an industry leading company selling cameras and accessories at premium prices, something is wrong....? "repaying debt" - sounds more like they are in trouble and/or money is disapearing

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Exposure compensation please!

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Absolutely amazing what happened to the photographic industry in this relatively short period of 15-20 years in history. With empty pockets from constantly upgrading during this period, and admittingly taking a good percentage of photos with my cellphone nowadays, I stand amazed, and wonder what we will be reading here looking back in 2030.

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Exposure compensation would be nice...

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digitalweddings: HDR please....

I hate the fake HDR effect as much as you do!! But any current LR effect can be overdone, by the user though, not the fault of
the program or the effect itself! Amazing things can be done with HDR, using it correctly,for what it was "designed" for. But I guess upgrading the book module is more important at this stage:)

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HDR please....

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thank you DPR, how about the same for the D800?

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still no exposure compensation.....? "the ability to separate focus and metering" is better than the standard iphone camera, but not ideal, especially when one is in a hurry

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