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On photo Moon House_V1 in the Interesting Landscapes challenge (24 comments in total)

I totally disagree with all of the comments so far, including the author's totally unnecessary apology. The photo has terrific impact in its simplicity of form and color and is a quite haunting image which communicates something to each of us, like the stillness of a beautiful clear cold winter's night. Put simply it works. Irrespective of how it was created or manipulated in a software program (an extension of the camera in this digital photographic age we live in), or whether it is proportionally 'realistic', or if it is a 'betrayal' of the 'true' and 'pure' art of photography (what hypocrasy).
D. Morris's striking image was voted number 1 because it is a SUCCESSFUL image which captures the immediate attention of us DPReview addicts.
The human brain can easily select and exaggerat the size an object among a mass of conflicting elements and shapes so as to increase its relative importance and significance. When I look at the full moon rising, it appears to be enormous - in fact very similar to what one sees in this fascinating picture. Who cares about what lens was used ? The image just works - full stop.

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On photo Stairway to heaven in the The Holy Land challenge (4 comments in total)

A powerful image, carefully composed, shutter pressed at the decisive moment a la Cartier Bresson, and which says SO MUCH about our modern world and it's blazing contradictions
Both ladies have found a way for soothing the mind.
One way gives temporary relief while the other leads to a more permanent variety.
Both are finding time for contemplation, but can they communicate with each other ? I'm sure they'd find they have much in common and would be enriched by the experience.

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