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On article A conversation with portrait photographer Brian Smith (12 comments in total)

This guy is an expert, I got 28-70 so need more gear!

Knew it.

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On photo IMG_3934 in Limburger's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

This is Joy Division Undercover (coverband).

In the back there was a video of the original Joy Division, they also had their video grapher/photographer.

Very nice people, I was asked to introduce myself before the show since I asked permission to also shoot from stage.

So I did, we talked some music, photography and the usual BS.

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On photo 20141015-EM1A8924-2 in the Rainy days challenge (13 comments in total)

Bob , that is beautiful.

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On photo morning coffee in the An Image challenge (6 comments in total)


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On photo A walk in the rain: Lisbon in the Film, Black and White. challenge (15 comments in total)

Makes me think of William Klein.


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On photo retirement plan in the - Canon vs Nikon : BW Street Photography with Human Subject - challenge (5 comments in total)
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papa natas: And I thought Anthony Quinn was dead...(?)
Now, and with sugar on top:
We never crop at joints and articulations.
I'm talking about the hand.
Then again, I'm Old School.

Sometimes this is the full pic as it happened.

Hey, even HCB made a picture without feet ;)

I think this is a very nice picture with a story.

This man is about to make a big decision that probably will change his life for ever. Not about things that may have been cropped out but the thing(s) you do see.

If you strive for perfection you probably never take one.

A perfect picture may also lack a certain energy.

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On photo Dirty at Work in the Dirty portrait challenge (3 comments in total)

+1 well done.

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On photo Three skyscrapers and a ghost in the Skyscrapers challenge (4 comments in total)


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On photo Mtl Snowball Challenge Parc Jeanne-Mance DP in the snowball fight challenge (23 comments in total)

C'est le groovy!

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I haven't looked at the competition but this is a nice picture.


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On photo the dream of the wanderer in the Favorite photographer challenge (5 comments in total)

Beautiful light and contrast.

Congrats :)

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On photo Wrapped in Love in the mother & baby challenge (10 comments in total)

Wrapped in love indeed.

Mother and child look very happy.

Congrats with this imho very pretty photo.

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On photo Stairs - Tate Britain in the Olympus OMD Series challenge (19 comments in total)

Congrats, beautiful image.

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On photo Reminicenses of a medieval church, Øland, Sweden in the My own Imaginary world challenge (8 comments in total)


Thanks for bringing Magritte up, I wasn't aware of him, didn't even know his name.

I will check his stuff out, looks pretty cool.

Thanks awesome!

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On photo Reminicenses of a medieval church, Øland, Sweden in the My own Imaginary world challenge (8 comments in total)

Surreal,if Dali was alive he'd give you thumbs up :)

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It's the FW updates that made me buy a new X100.

Not only users will be happy but resellers as well.

If a Fuji is discontinued it still is going strong.

Fuji thanks for listening.

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On photo milky way as seen from Ukraine in the Beautiful Sky challenge (6 comments in total)

Very nice!

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On Article:5055350146 (57 comments in total)

I like it.

Set sharpening,metering AF NR IS and customize the RAW-button to AF mode and it's one button/dial experience.

The positioning of the Fn RAW and WB buttons is well done imo.

I find it very intuitive though the menu's I need to get used to.

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On photo pp_4319s in _7D_'s photo gallery (1 comment in total)


One wings up the other wings down.

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On photo F-18E Super Hornet With Compression Wave in the Military Jet Fighters challenge (24 comments in total)

A photo like this inspires others to go out and take photos. Beautiful shot.

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