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PSCL1 First serious camera was SRT-101 which worked for 29 years until I sold out of the system and switched to Nikon film AF in 2001. I also had a Minolta XE-5 which was essentially the same chassis as the Leica R3 which worked for 25 years. You could drive nails with most of the 1970 cameras, as opposed to the plastic AF cameras which succeeded them,

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First, thank you for practicing what we in the US call "continuous improvement." Personally, I think the main display of message titles with blue on black is much less readable. Skipping lines for the main display leaves the viewer with only half the information s/he would have in each glance. Frankly, I will/would not use any of the more complex options you have developed. I don't search in those ways now and my aging brain cannot cope with all the options. Just because somethng can be accomplished electronically does not mean it needs to be accomplished.

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