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Working on Photography and Photographic software.

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  • I used to use that same control in Aperture - I would select a green, and purple hues and reduce saturation, or lightness.  Photos has much of the same editing tools so it's nice to see that is ...
  • You can't shoot blooming flowers in winter?
  • Very interesting to see, lots of the prop blur looks really good - an interesting problem to think about balancing shutter speed to get a good blur, with the focal length and movement to get ...
  • The good thing about that is that being so close to the mount it probably does not put much stress on the lens - which clamped down does it still seem to focus as quickly?  That's the one worry ...
  • Since printing on metal holds detail really well, I still think it may be worth exploring... Between the two cameras you mentioned, the DP-2M is sharper edge to edge but the DP-1M is still good in ...
  • Don't have anything to trade (I also really like my 8-16mm), but I will say the 100-400 is a worth lens to go for!  Really great quality.
  • I find it to be OK, indoors you are not going to be getting as good a feel for it as you would outdoors in stronger light.  I do really like how easy it is to zoom in manual focus mode though, ...
  • I think that would be really useful, because then you could specify the amount of sharpening or noise reduction baked into the resulting DNG. In the end, I think this is the one thing that would ...
  • Interesting the focus beep was not very accurate.  I had used that (or the focus square going green in the viewfinder) before with some manual lenses... I wonder why that would be off?
  • Replied in Addendum
    Interesting, I can see that working because you aren't using it at full frame, I wonder if it would vignette on the 1.3x crop of the H doing that.  77mm does seem like it would be a bit too much.
  • Old one had stronger CA I believe, though I've not tried the new one so all I can report on is my part of the elephant.  :-)
  • Wow, impressive you can make out some striping on Jupiter at 100%, I wouldn't have thought 600mm would be enough for that.
  • Replied in imac pro
    To be honest I have not tried using Lightroom on it yet, as I'm trying to move to other software.  So that aspect I can't really report on.  For other editing apps this system is far faster than ...
  • There are two ways usually.  Both start with opening Network Preferences, which you can get to from the drop down menu on the WiFi symbol in the menu bar. 1) From Network Preferences click on ...
  • The SD Quattro shape is not that unusual as far as plates go - just about anything will work. I like the plates that have a slight lip on one edge so it holds better against the camera as you ...
  • Between the Q and the H the difference is resolution, and you'll have to be pickier about what lenses you use for the H...  body and control wise there is nothing else different. The other ...
  • Replied in imac pro
    I got the base iMac Pro (8 cores and 32gb RAM) except for maxing out storage (4TB ssd, 64gb graphics card). More RAM I can add later if needed, but is really more needed for video editing than ...
  • i have not used any software yet that was tied to only one system ever - some licenses may only alllow use on one machine at a time, but they can always be transferred to a new system.
  • I have an iPhoneX, image capture works for me - but I drag the images from image capture into a Finder window, I don’t use the import button. Also it could be import works, you just are not giving ...
  • It's always nice to have a backup camera with you.  I've forgotten SD cards, batteries, even to bring a lens I meant to bring but having some other camera can often salvage a situation in many ...
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