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Tape5: All this superzoom stuff is a bit passe even for those who wish to photograph things they cannot see.

One monkey finds a fresh branch to grab and all the monkeys in the forest jump on it until it snaps.

If the branch doesn't snap, in a few years we will have 5-12000000 superzooms.

DPR should do an image comparison against the 120,000 dollar Canon 1200mm/5.6.

" a few years we will have 5-12000000 superzooms."
Works for me.

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MichaelKJ: I'm sure this camera has a lot going for it and will do very well, but personally think most buyers would be better off with 16MP

It is nice to have the extra pixels when pursuing such subjects as songbirds or insects, where much cropping may be required.

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Anthony Sullivan: I like how it can accept AA batteries with a optional holder.-just like the K-r.

Now only if other Pentaxes could receive a updated UI. The design is unseal yet quite easy to handle-plus great specs. Looks like a mid-level K-r replacement to me.

As a K-r replacement, it is very attractive to this K-r user.

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What is different in the firmware?

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diarmuid1: Can anyone tell me why Fuji havent implemented GPS into this camera?!?!
Its perfect for travels/trips (except the size) and geotaging would be very usefull and desired feature! (at least for me)

Perhaps an external GPS solution similar to the Pentax O-GPS-1 will be a future option. Until then, desired geotagging must be accomplished the old-fashioned way with a hand-held GPS and Geosetter.

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On photo City Tower (Torun, Poland) in the Tamron Prize Challenge: Travel and Nature challenge (247 comments in total)

Love it...

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gap2111: according to an interview with a Nikon official the development dates back before micro43 ... given such long development time the result is rather unwhelming and way overpriced.
It reminds very much on the old Pentax 110 System - which was a nice toy but didn't have much to offer

Indeed, I was also reminded of the Pentax Auto 110 which I carried with three lenses and other accessories in my handlebar bag with room to spare during long bicycle trips in the mid-1980s.
Such a compact system can't, by its nature, replace a full-sized system but can offer greater versatility than a point-and shoot.
Perhaps the more diminutive size will prove to be less of a provocation for some authoritarian security personnel who go into anti-photographic paroxysms at the sight of a DSLR.

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