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  • I have a NAS that I do a simple drag and drop copy to when I feel like it. This is then mirrored to a second NAS in the next country (small mountain range in between). I also have a USB3 external ...
  • It's just geolocating - which country are you in?. For me it displays in €uros. Totally safe to buy I think.
  • I use mine wirelessly and have had no problems.
  • I think that it is the TV station that should be ashamed. They clearly need some IT help.
  • Although it my be painful for those affected, It is only going to be worrying if it is applied worldwide.
  • Replied in Windows 10
    Thanks for the early morning amusement. So you are going to wait for the free upgrade period to end and then decide if you are going to pay or not? There has been no suggestion of a subscription ...
  • Surely you just say Start Task Manager to Cortana
  • It reports battery life depending on what you are doing. It assumes that you are going to keep doing the current activity and reports based on that.
  • Yes. Sometimes I think that asking these questions here is like going to an AA meeting and asking if anyone has a problem with drink.
  • Replied in Windows Hello?
    I have been using Hello ever since I got a Surface Pro 4. It works very well. It even switches between users when it sees someone else that it knows. I have setup a pin for my desktop system.
  • You do realise that the MS page is from last August yeah?
  • I am using Quicken 2008. It works just fine.
  • Kaspersky Internet Security. (it's complimentary through one of my banks - I only wish that I knew before because I was always happy to pay for it)
  • It's funny that you say "any way that would matter to you" but don't give any indication of what you would like as improvements. Personally I like the cloud integration. And don't forget that there ...
  • Starting at the beginning then............. No more ctrl-alt-delete Pin code as sign in option Windows Hello . Now I understand that these little things might mean nothing to you but thy are very ...
  • I would be. Windows 10 today is better than Windows 7 ever was.
  • :-P I wouldn't have any idea :-P But I'm not crazy enough to save up 300 updates. :-D
  • First of all make sure that your tinfoil hat fits properly. Then set aside three or four hours for reading about each update in turn. Remember to only ever install one update at a time.
  • Yes I realise that. When has this ever happened to you? (maybe I don't visit the right sites - what would you recommend :-D) Is it not also something that a security package would look after anyway?
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