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Bought the camera a few weeks ago. It is really an unbelievable product. If you grew up in film, rangefinders, light meters, and darkrooms you will be amazed at the control you have of so many variables. I finally feel I have a camera that does not limit me in any fashion. It is small enough you can wear it all the time and look like the typical 'tourist' so there is no inhibition to taking any pictures, all the time. I never felt that with a big SLR. It is a fantastic street camera.

The camera has this quality of balance to it. Everything fits and works with so much ease. You put it up to your eye and the controls are easy to use in most cases. There is always the exception. The images are excellent. If you want to take time to create your picture this is the perfect tool.

And the most important thing -- it has brought a ton of fun back into taking pictures because you get the results you wanted.

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