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  • 24mm and 25mm are common.
  • My oldest working camera is now 19 years old.  An Olympus C765.
  • The only problem I can see is no EXIF data.
  • Now it's the best time to photograph streets, no people getting in the way.
  • Nice dandelions, but why were you stuck at home on such a nice sunny day?  We are allowed one exercise outside the home per day. I went out yesterday with a Nikon, for a short three hour walk, I ...
  • Memories! From 1990 to 1992, I worked in first floor offices in St Anne's square,  the one's on the right of your picture.
  • What i don't understand is this 2 metre social distancing zone. In the spirt of BREXIT, it should be specified in feet and inches.
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    I've just seen a family of four riding bikes on my footpath,  dodging shoppers with heavy bags.
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    Although I live in the city, my flat overlooks a public footpath,  a link to the pennine way, I also have a stream,  pond and small bridge near me. This means a lot of dog walkers, runners, ...
  • I still carry a camera with me whenever I go out. I go out every day to get some exercise In my neck of the woods,  people are staying away from each other.  In the street people are avoiding ...
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    It's difficult to predict the specific details of what will happen in the future. So far, where I live it has been very civilised. The people are calmly obeying the rules. No mass panic, no ...
  • Toilet roll aisle Fresh meat and bacon counter People fill their trolleys with goods.  Then discover that queues at checkouts are a mile long.  So dump the trolley with goods and leave.
  • Social distancing is being obeyed in my town. People are like a herd of sheep, keeping a safe distance from each other. Shops are only admitting a small number into stores on a one out, one in basis. ...
  • I occasionally have unexplained softness in my images. I'm not sure if it's shutter shock, failure of stabiliser or mis focusing. Rather than PP,  trying to rescue the image, I just shoot more than ...
  • The government is well prepared,  making regular updates to the information being given out to the public. The newspapers are taking the mick.
  • I will keep on snapping,  making a record of the end of days, in the hope that the ones who come after me will know what has happened and how it developed over time.
  • A virus with a 50% fatally rate cannot come too soon to thin the population out.
  • They probably did what the bear did in the woods.
  • Created discussion thread Right tools for the job.
    Why do we proper cameras,  or why do we use phones? It's about choosing the right tools for the job. When the zombie virus strikes for real, and there are unburied, rotting corpses lying in the ...
  • Some of my cameras with face detection,  see faces everywhere:  in brick walls, in hedges, on doors, in the clouds, in the sky, even on people's clothes.
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