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WayneHuangPhoto: I have been using the original 6D at work since 2013. Picked up a Fuji X camera few years back and been using that a lot more. The only thing that's been holding me back from completely moving to the X system are two things: waiting to see what would be offered by 6D MKII, and the lack of TTL remote triggers on the market for Fuji system. The first thing has been a disappointment. The second thing...well, with Roboshoot and now Flashpoint soon coming out with TTL remote triggers for Fuji, I think I may have been pushed over the edge.

TTL and HSS triggers are already out for Fuji from Roboshoot and others.

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cosinaphile: if seagate had the wisdom to put both a regular sd slot and micro in this 120 dollar device they could have potentially had legions of photographers use this to offload offer backup or whatever instead of a drone user niche alone it would have cost almost nothing and increased the potential audience for this device a thousandfold

its 2 tb for fricks sake .... but seagate is a corporation... so it is insanely shortsighted , deeply stupid at times ...fails to see opportunity beyond focus groups or development objectives and generally behaves as an idiot savant or clueless "thinker"

imagine if actual drone users ... photographers ... portable hd users... etc ever got to make corporate decisions and gave suggestions for product design and a scope ?

what a different planet we would live on .

Current macbooks do not.... more stupid decisions from manufacturers.

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nextcube: Just wanted to double-check something with regard to the SD card backup feature - my understanding is that this unit copies *all* files from the SD card (in an incremental way, so that the December 2 folder only has the new files that weren't in the December 1 folder). The reason I ask is that Panasonic cameras, when shooting in AVC mode, put the video into the "PRIVATE" folder rather than storing it alongside the image files. I'm assuming, based on this review, that it would copy those files as well.

Not positive about this new model, but previous model would copy everything on a card to a newly timestamped folder each time inserted. WOuld be nice if there was a software option for "all" or "only new".

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