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Flagships are made for this: pushing specs, forcing new standards.
And Sony, apparently, was able to set a new benchmark. And yes, it does not come without a high price tag.
You can buy an R5 for almost half and only losing bit (and you still need to master R5 like an expert to take all of the juice of it).
I personally love flagships, they keep us dreaming :)

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Hi readers in anger, chill.
This is supposed to be a kind of “ nice things to have”, and be happy about it.
If you want/can then buy them. If would like but you can’t, keeping dreaming, dreams also give us a propose.
Otherwise, move one. Stop criticising everything, just because you dislike.

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On article Canon EOS R5 review (2977 comments in total)

Even though I'm actually drooling to get one...
This is the best review ever about.... Specs.
No single f* (picture) was given, in a way we could say that this actually lives to its claim ;)

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kiranchakra: I don't get the point of this article. Some of the cameras in the list were very innovative for their time. It appears the author judged all these cameras by their mere looks and included them in a loosely defined 'Hall of Shame'. I am surprised this even got past review by the other editors. I am not sure what dpreview is trying to accomplish here.

Just a little bit of humour. Nothing that scientific. Chill :)

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Specs-wise, incredible
Looks-wise, nice indeed
Lenses-wise, very good

Quality of the files.... The big question mark lays here!!! Will this be better when compared to a 5D Mark IV output? Will it set a new benchmark in terms of dinamic range?

Price is only relevant when you know what you get and what alternatives you have.

I have high hopes... But, Eos R already showed us that Canon struggles with noise at 30 megapixels... Now with 40.. 45 megapixels, let's see... They had since 2016 to develop a really new product, so they had enough time to develop some mind-blowing stuff ( or not) for us ;)

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Forget the price. This is a statement! And even though I'm not going to buy it anytime soon, I already love it ;p

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It should be mirrorless, NOT!
For canon, like for a specific nich. This is not a new camera. It is the last "emperor". You to it end of a cycle every day. This could only be compared to the last analogic 35mm slr. The best the humanity achieved with a reflex. I see it like a Landmark.

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Updated yesterday.
If performance is equivalent to competition: I do not know.
What I know is right now it is amazing!! Huge improvement :)

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Terrano: I have the EOS R and i think i should probably have got a different camera i bought it because i already have plenty of glass etc The firmware upgrades so far are weak and Canon is relying on their past success.

I actually love it . I believe that you can manage to take brilliant photos with any Pro/enthusiast camera available in the market right now. The guy behind the glass overcomes the firmware updates ;). But that is only my personal opinion.

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dpcane: Are there really FF beginners? Most beginners have no idea they want FF. And if you are 'graduating to FF', you probably know enough to know what you want, which doesn't necessarily translate into the cheapest camera, as financial means and camera skills don't go hand in hand.

From a rational perspective, you are right. But, humans are far from being rational. So only hotshot driver's buy fast and sport's cars? Nop. It's only a mix between you need, want you can afford and how it will make you feel ;)

So yes, there is an entry level for every thing, even for full frame photography. ;)

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Enzo1320: Canon is terrible for people like my mom. She takes a picture with completely wrong exposure, terrible composition, a bit angled, a bit tilted and so on. Then she asks me: "can you fix them in Photoshop". And I give my best. Sometimes those photos become solid. By the way, those photos are taken with a smartphone.

That's point. Canon is more oriented for people that enjoy the craft...
But please, do not convert Business, brands competition in.. people hate and harsh comment's, just because someone likes yellow better than blue.

Enjoy what you do, seize the moment. Have fun. Spread your love. And your gear is just that, your gear. So do not compare different gear, born from different business cultures, by the same standards.

Even because, in their conception, they were though considering a specific view, a purpose, a type of target and needs..

.. so one does not have 4k crop, but other may have 3x more nitrate..
One may me amazing recovering shadows...other may be incredible recovering highlights.
One is good for smaller hands, other for bigger. One targets good but expensive batteries, others re-use your current stock.
Etc etc. Etc.

In the end we are all dead and this hate battle is irrelevant.

Just chose what makes you happy from the one's you may afford.

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This camera was designed to be the 6D line of mirrorless for canon. The competitor of Nikon Z6. So do not expect it to be the flagship

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Just my 2cents: of course it will not deliver best is class results. No need for kicks or to punch it. It aims to be the bang for the buck for students, amateurs and enthusiastic photographers. And I may share that the the first model did kickass for its price tag ;)

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I can only share that i bought a Yongnuo 50mm 1.8 to, as a starting point, learn more about how to use a prime, improve portrait, play with deep of field, etc. And, my dear friends, for 42€ it served my so well. Just perfect for that job. You need to consider: what is the purpose on the lens, how many times i will use it, and how much I can i afford. Therefore, there will be a little market for this YN 100mm and also customers for the canon 100mm. Do not fight, just appreciate competition/alternatives for every fit/job/pocket.

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My only question, for one that likes canon ecosystem and does have already some canon glass: tajing into account the 6d MKII price drop, isn´t it a solid FF investment? You can get for almost 1300 usd/euros

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wastanierfrs: Not quite sure if the Canon 80D fits in this category but i think it's a FABULOUS camera to use. Yes the specs and test results are important, but in the field in real life situations it's stunning. For me best Canon ever at this price point and I go back to AE1'S

Hehe. Nice comment. I also love mummy 80D ;)

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Am I the only one that still thinking that this is a great camera? Some guys care too much with specs. Ok it is not sooo good when we try to blow a 100Iso photo. But is it really an impossible trade off if you consider the good things you will get? It looks like we have plenty of good drivers here, complaining of this entry level Ferrari that in the real live cannot even take a Subaru to its limits.

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On article Don't buy another lens, buy a flash instead (337 comments in total)

For an amateur/beginner what e-TTL II would you recommend, the bang for the buck?

My main gear: Canon 80D | Sigma 17-70mm C
other Gear: 70-200mm F4 IS USM | Tokina 11-20mm

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Viriato: Nicely put. I do have an 80D and already crossed my mind the upgrade for the 6D MKII. We may not all need a bigger sensor/Pro camera. However, the lower ISO possibilities opens to us, crop sensor users, a new world off photography ;p

Sorry. I meant Higher ISO, of course ;). With Crop. Everything above 1600/2000 starts to make damages. Ok, we can tweak in postprocessing, but it is not the same thing.

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Nicely put. I do have an 80D and already crossed my mind the upgrade for the 6D MKII. We may not all need a bigger sensor/Pro camera. However, the lower ISO possibilities opens to us, crop sensor users, a new world off photography ;p

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