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Good, sound advice. I have found a financially responsible way to enjoy GAS without spending money - buy used/sell used - it's a bit time consuming and it doesn't let you play with the newest camera gear but it does satisfy the urge to try different equipment. I'm actually a bit on the plu$ side after dozens of Ebay buys and sells.

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The lens is built very nicely with more metal on the outside than plastic - similar build and feel to Nikon 24-120 f/4. The large zoom and focus rings are metal as is the portion of the body behind the filter threads. I also suspect that the rear part of the body where the tripod ring mounts might be metal. The zoom and manual focus action feels great. My lens is spotless inside. I was a bit put off by the lack of a tripod collar when I ordered it but now I realize it simply isn't needed. This new lens needs a tripod collar less than my 14-24 or 28-300 lenses do. It's not heavy at all. I also tested the VR against my 28-300 and there is a definite improvement with the new VR system. I was able to get very sharp 200mm photos handheld at 1/40 second and 1/3 of my shots at 1/15 second were good (almost as good as tripod shots). All my comparisons were with a D600. I'm very enthusiastic about it so far. I'll try it out in the "real world" this weekend.

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I just got my 70-200 f/4 on Monday and haven't yet had the time to get outside during daylight hours to shoot. I DID do some comparison tests against test charts from about 25 feet comparing this lens to my 28-300 and 200mm f/4 Micro Nikkor and this new lens has impressed me plenty. It blows away the 28-300 at 200mm f/5.6 in the corners (as expected) but it is every bit as sharp as my 200mm macro lens too, even at f/4. The only slight downside is pincushion distortion.

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