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liopleurodon: And now I wish I had been more patient and hadn't picked up an a6500 (which I got for its AF & video capabilities).

Does the a6500 not have the same thing?

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rfsIII: Shhhhh.... Hear that hammering sound? That’s Canon putting a 4K nail into Nikon’s coffin.

1.6 crop for 4K, no PDAF? I mean, technically it has 4K, but come on

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garyknrd: One good thing is, anyone looking to buy the Canon M50 should wait a few weeks.
It should be on sale for $19.95 with a new printer, thrown in free...

Maybe if the A6300 wasnt the same price...

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PKDanny: 70-300 will also be available in May at a price of $1199. Is wrong price.

$700 for this lens.

Sony profit $1,000. Huh.

Please link me to another 70-300 that is weather sealed with the newest coating technology, while being significantly less expensive. I'm genuinely curious to see how others are doing

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