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  • You're talking like someone TODAY shoots b&w, and someone else brings colors to it.
    Rembrandt made art and whatever he painted was his choice. The old b&w photos were not always b&w by choice......

  • > Oct 23: "We're not going to abandon Lightroom Classic!"
    > Oct 25: "We're going to abandon Lightroom Classic!"

    Lightroom 6 is not Lightroom Classic...

  • They better retire CC Classic at the next iteration, since what in the world is the point of using two different apps, with different features? Just treat the cloud as one of the storage devices,...

  • I calculated that with my LR5 and LR6 upgrades, I paid less than 3$/month during the last 4 years. And it's decreasing.

  • "It's an inevitable truth that Adobe, like any other company, can't please everyone."
    True, from now on.

  • " if you spend hundreds of dollars on a new camera, it seems unrealistic to expect a corporation to accommodate that choice, unpaid." Well, it doesn't seem unrealistic to me, since that's what...

  • That sucks big time. I'll really have to look somewhere else now, if I want something with good performance and workflow. And in any case I'll have to in the future, when LR 6 won't be compatible...

  • Commented on article Nikon D850 Review

    MikeRan Indeed :) "Toy camera"...

  • Commented on article Nikon D850 Review

    Azathothh, do you realize what my comment was about? Is there a dslr able to shoot 20 fps? NO. And it'll be very hard to find one in the future, and if and when that will happen, mirrorless...

  • Commented on article Nikon D850 Review

    And anyway, adding to that: the original poster wrote about the d850 putting "an end to any debate", not even d5 or 1dXII, which is just ridiculous.

  • Commented on article Nikon D850 Review

    1) 14 fps raw uncompressed: the A9 shoots 12fps uncompressed. And 20 compressed. With no blackout. It's a trade off, no dslr can flip the mirror 20fps, all dslr intrinsecally have...

  • A correctio on "old DigitalRev videos where Kai and crew would purposely handicap themselves using inferior cameras like the Barbiecam for, well, no purpose at all."
    They actually gave the toy...

  • Commented on article Nikon D850 Review

    Yep, so could you point me to a dslr which shoots 20 fps with continuous AF, and as good AF as the sony A9? (and with NO viewfinder blackout? ) I read some comparison with the nikon d5 and... not....

  • Commented on article Nikon D850 Review

    I hope your comment will be remembered 10 years from now :D Seriously? Could you please explain, technically, why mirrorless is a "dead end technology"? Why mirrorless won't be able to be improved...

  • Sure you can tweak jpeg tones on all cameras. But then again what is this comparison about? To tell you that you'd need to tweak the sony's jpg colors a bit if you want canon tones? I don't think...

  • Anyone who purchases one of these cameras would shoot raw and process the files on his/her own taste. Hence this comparison is pretty much pointless. It would make more sense for a phone, a compact...

  • What you described is not much of an "instinct", though. And the formulas are analysis of the brain processing, not the starting point.

  • I misread the product name for a moment.

  • Sorry, but your hyper-defensive comment made me chuckle: "It's none of your business"? Really? :D
    Guess this thread itself is not our non-Leica-club-excecutive-members' business either?
    Post of...

  • Studio portraiture/fashion with pixel shift? Landscape where there is any wind? Sea? Anything moving? None of these kind of pro shooters would benefit from pixel shift. And MF is in fact not for...

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