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zeidgeist: The problem that we have in the UK is that most of our judges are idiots, that we have rather too many lawyers prepared to take on stupid and dangerous cases and of course the litigious chancers who will do anything for a fast buck and scumbags who will run roughshod over all and sundry. Welcome to "New" Britain.

Plaintiff's sole witness was himself, and defendant's witness was his associate.... This case should be thrown out in the first place.

Bottom line. If you can hire the best lawyer to tell the world what originality means (and I have the impression neither the judge nor the lawyers understand photography), then you could be the next greatest photographer....

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rfsIII: The effect of this judgement is to protect YOU the photographer from someone taking one of your ideas, copying it, and selling it at a lower price to a client.

How is that a bad thing?


Yes, it's to protect the intellectual property, and I can understand that. After all I wouldn't want people to copy my work and cheapen it like some knock-off purse.

On the other hand, the specific case is quite ridiculous. Here are some of my thoughts (condensed):

1) It's a case about money, not originality. Neither photo will win on originality, whether we judge them based on the composition or technique.
2) Neither photos are to be called photos in strictest sense, but illustrations, because of extensive manipulation. So assessment used on judging an illustration is very different from a straight-photo.
3) I agree with another poster, both photos are tacky and unoriginal. Neither photographers have talent. The original photo's perspective is badly done. Bus is painted red, but small presence in the scene is self-contradictory. "Copycat" version is a much improvement on that bit, but done with lack of skill (and bad gears). Pot calling kettle black....

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