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  • Last time I checked in the UK it was a bit more complicated: you are not allowed to photograph a child who is subject to a court order. (For example, hypothetically, the whereabouts of a child may ...
  • Not that I use the product, but there are way too many opinions masquerading as knowledge around here.
  • Excellent - well done. As for "negative space" I think that your composition works well.  For much wildife, negative space shows the creature moving into the scene.  In this image, it suggests the ...
  • For me, it's software - sad I know. Fortunately, it doesn't cost much relative to bodies and lenses
  • No need for manual, in my view. Just use exposure compensation to be sure that the sky is not clipping. That's one of the great things about mirrorless cameras like the Olympus, you can get that ...
  • Do you calibrate your monitor? If you do, that should set up a profile for you. If not, you're slightly shooting in the dark. What pp software do you use? If you use Lightroom then you can ...
  • I think it will always default to the card reader if a card is inserted.  For myself, I copy from the card reader to a destination file, remove the card, and cull from that file.  Then import ...
  • That's a very good start.  You have the bug ( a ladybird in England ) nice and sharp, and you've avoided the common beginner mistake of centering the subject. I do think the composition would be ...
  • Start with something positive, then your constructive criticism "I think the image could look better if.......", and end by being encouraging
  • Dont know, but the X-T4 review lists almost as many cons as pros
  • Replied in Sony RX100 vii
    Yes, I read that of course before I bought the camera.  The question is, what does it mean in the real word?  I would say that image quality is comparable with my m4/3 system, which is good enough ...
  • Replied in Sony RX100 vii
    Probably not relevant in this forum, but the stacked sensor in the latest RX100 is said to largely eliminate rolling shutter, because the whole sensor is read simultaneously. ( I wrote "said to" ...
  • DxO Filmpack?  Usual 30 day trial available
  • I don't have CO1, but I do find that DxO give me better (that is, more detail) conversions of my m4/3 files than Lightroom.  Not dramatic, but consistently better. I suspect it is brand dependent
  • It's like when someone speeds to get there ten minutes faster.  "What are you going to use that ten minutes for?
  • Replied in Nope
    In my case I only use Lightroom, and for me it's alsoa good deal. Your last point is key for me.  I have invested many, many hours in learning Lightroom, and I don't intend to discard that for no ...
  • You can ask the mods to merge your old posts under your new username - they once did it for me.
  • Is Bridge a good enough DAM for what you need?  Available free whether you have other Adobe products or not.
  • Fuzzy feathers was my immediate reaction.  Look at the goslings' bills - I say they are acceptably sharp. Maybe the settings and techniques could be improved but basically, if you shoot fuzzy ...
  • I would say that Victoria's book is much more  reference manual than a tutorial, it's very comprehensive but probably not for a beginner. However, if you are just starting out, I would certainly ...
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